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Video Arrives in the Real Estate Marketplace

Are you ready for real estate selling tips that teach you how to sell a home without you – or the buyer – ever setting foot in it? (Don’t) fasten your seatbelts. Instead of dropping everything and rushing off for on-site viewing, buyers are now relying solely on property videos in their decision to purchase a home without ever setting a foot in the door. And far from unusual, realtors expect this number to grow.

Taking the Blinders Off
A 2016 survey by the NAR revealed 95% of today’s buyers search for homes online, compared to just 2% in 1995 – and 72% of today’s buyers now use a mobile device to peruse. Now a remote business, all initial searches are done online. Shocking to some, but one-fifth of buyers aren’t visiting homes before purchase, and 19% of 2016 buyers made a bid sight-unseen – nearly twice that in the high-end market.

Vital for Buyers, and Gives Sellers Greater Reach
High-quality videos that give the impression of walking from room to room inside and outside the property and surrounding areas, show people the lifestyle available in the same manner a live walk-thru would – but without the stress. Essential for builders who may not have an unsold home to show; fantastic for families who experience the difficulties of scheduling and cleaning for walk-throughs; and a godsend for potential buyers and agents, worn out by needless driving and time-consuming showings. Video is king!

The Wave of the Future
Surpassing the expectations of sellers and encouraging buyers to spend more time on your site, videos foster a feeling of commitment to your site and brand, creating a psychological attachment that results in a trusting relationship. Are you ready to trust video with your future? Discover the real estate selling tips that will help you open the door to the difference video can make in your business.

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What to Expect in 2017!

Do Real Estate Videos Offer More than Video Showcase Tours? Pros and Cons.

Do neighboring agents joining the 3-D video showcase brigade have you peeking over the fence? In this week’s real estate selling tips we’ll uncover why tried-and-true video is the way to go for showcasing your properties.

No Need to Keep Up with the Jones’s – Great Listing Videos Outperform in Every Way…

  • Setting the right mood.
    The dead, eerie silence of 3-D tours can set the wrong mood. The music of real estate videos better allows you to set the tone of the tour, portraying just the right image for the lifestyle you’re looking to attract.
  • Adding feel and purpose.
    Real estate video voice-overs let you point out features that may go overlooked, providing the personal feeling of a live walk-through – without the stress. Love the spotlight? Step in-front of the camera and flaunt your personality and expertise.
  • Offering timely information.
    Video won’t test the attention span of buyers with a choppy, time-consuming tour experience. The constant stop-and-go feel of 3-D tours, with its confusing and frustrating movement issues, suck-up the time of viewers. A fluid and well-planned video walk-through, however, preserves patience, deftly giving viewers a thorough tour in just 2-3 minutes.
  • Creating a more complete feel of space.
    Going from incomplete, interior-only views to extensive inside and out coverage, including drone shots and neighborhood amenities.
  • Returning your investment.
    With far more affordable and effective bang for your back than pricey 3-D camera tech.

Wish You Had the Time for ANY Kind of Video? Now You Do!
Forget about slaving away for hours or those lackluster slide show wizards. With Properties Online’s latest video builder addition, you can now create a video in just minutes, with all the bells, whistles, and customizations you need to build your brand and your business.

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Finally, Listing Videos that Write Themselves!

Want to add listing videos to your arsenal of marketing ammunition, but just flat out of gas? Creating real estate listing videos is about to get a whole lot faster and easier, with the help of Properties Online’s new video builder. Just released, this exciting new tool is sure to bump up your game – and your sales.

Included free with any Properties Online family of website products, our new video builder will automatically create a “Virtuet,” or short property listing video from photos. Making sharing a snap, it will allow for the easy online sharing of property listings within minutes, taking the drudgery out of real estate video marketing.

Create Listing Videos Just Got Easier – In Fact, They Almost Write Themselves!

  • Smart help.
    Our new video builder will have the know-how to automatically add captions and a voice-over to match the listing data, providing a call to action at the end that includes the listing agent’s photo and logo.
  • Option-packed.
    Instead of leaving you stuck with only default options, our new builder allows for the addition of introductory video clips, as well as the insertion of additional captions and voice-overs as needed. Agents can also brand the video with a logo bumper to further boost brand. Need a non-branded, IDX-compliant version or Spanish translation for your local MLS? That’s included too!
  • Stunning results.
    A range of eye-catching designs and loads of music options will make your marketing pop. Produced in HD quality and automatically syndicated to YouTube, your videos will typically come up in the first page of Google’s listing results via searches by address, which will quickly and easily boost traffic to your website – and your listing!

Stay-tuned for further announcements on the latest in the Properties Online line of convenient and tech savvy features, created to make your life – and the sales process – infinitely easier.

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Suffering from MLS Sickness? There May Be a Cure.

Outdated listings. Incorrect information. Ridiculous limitations. Fees. Those selling real estate know the MLS system is ailing. A rampantly spreading disease affecting all realtors, its mandated cooperation and compensation policies and membership-driven objectives have plagued the industry for far too long. And some say it’s time for change…

Is there a cure?
No more band aids, stiches, or surgeries. This aging, failing system doesn’t need another prescription to keep it thrumming to a steady beat – it’s already overregulated enough. The MLS needs a transplant. A new, broker-centered heart that puts this monopolistic data management system back in the hands of the brokerage industry to restore the competitive sales environment.

A viable alternative
Imagine if you could live life with a new, deregulated platform where you are empowered to manage your own data, pulling the plug on the MLS to replace it with:

  • A single, nationwide data system relying solely on listing brokers for management, distribution, and licensing.
  • An environment free of MLS and NAR rules and policies – you choose who to share and cooperate with – including compensation.
  • Retrieval of your data for business use is easy and free.
  • Your brokerage activities are governed only by state licensing laws rather than all those scripts you currently have to fill from multiple MLS jurisdictions and a geographic board of 750+.

Avoid systemic damage
Mainstream, MLS medicine isn’t working anymore. The industry needs a viable alternative. If you think the industry at large is happy pushing though with the status quo – ask anyone how they feel about the MLS, NAR, and state and local boards. Selling real estate was not meant to be this way. And the death toll of lost customers to today’s tech-centered, DIY environment (FSBO) is rapidly climbing.

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Real Estate Agents: How to Get Started With a Virtual Assistant

Relax and Let Your Virtual Assistant Help
Relax and Let Your Virtual Assistant Help

Are you being held back by the multitude of details that must be handled outside your usual selling activities? Effective real estate agent management requires admitting when you need help. You may wish to consider hiring a virtual assistant to boost productivity and make better use of your time.

Virtual assistant? You mean like Siri or Cortana?
No. A virtual assistant is simply a personal assistant that helps you from a remote location with anything from social media and web errands to closings and paperwork.

Do I really need a virtual assistant?
Lead generation, lead conversion, and business support are essential to your business, and even the most successful real estate agent management professionals struggle juggling these tasks. If the following describe you, a virtual assistant can help:

• You’re a control freak.
As any successful CEO will tell you, you do not have to do it all yourself to get the job done right. Doing something outside your skill level means paying yourself top dollar for amateur results. Take off your web designer hat, hand it to a pro, and go sell homes.

• You forgot. Again.
When things start falling through the cracks that’s a surefire sign you need help. Get it now before your lead generation and closing activities suffer.

But I have an on-site assistant…
On-site assistants only work for those who are gifted motivators and managers – and they cost more. Working with virtual assistants is nothing like working with an on-site assistant and should NOT be treated that way.

Virtual assistants require no support, space, or equipment, and you only pay for the services you use: A special project, updating listings, transaction management – you name it. All it takes is hiring the right professional.

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