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Does the Real Estate Sales Need an Update?

Tech Tools Boosts Real Estate Sales

Miniature House And Laptop Computer Resting on Desktop.Are you an agent or homeowner looking for the fastest way to sell your home for top dollar? U.S. News has identified a host of high-tech real estate tools perfectly suited to help you stand out from the crowd.

Get the attention you need with these cutting edge real estate tools:

  • High-end, high-tech photos
    Professional, high resolution photos get potential customers up close and personal with every room in a home, far surpassing the broad strokes snapshots of yesteryear. 3-D floor plans and video tours help buyers better understand layout without the need for a walk through, and aerial photos taken via drone are a boon to large, expansive properties with views.
  • Beefed-up video tours
    Videos boasting narration, music, and scenes of people enjoying the property help create an emotional connection versus silent video tours of empty rooms used in the past.
  • Virtual staging
    Virtual staging easily adds furniture and decor to photos of empty rooms and avoids the high costs and time necessary with the real-life equivalent.
  • Maps
    Maps help prospective buyers see advantageous surroundings, such as convenient shops and services, as well as give them peace of mind they’re not purchasing next to a neighboring eyesore or nuisance property.
  • Search tools
    Customizable, easy-to-use search tools help individuals identify precisely the type of home they want to see, including searches by amenities, schools, commute time, specifically chosen borders, and more, cutting down on wasted time for both agents and buyers.
  • Apps and social media
    Ensure listings look great from smartphones to laptops, and use social media to your advantage. Web appeal across a broad array of formats and devices is among the most essential real estate tools in today’s market.

Don’t let your property listing get lost or fall behind the times. Stand out. Take advantage of these great real estate tools for boosting sales and turnaround today.

Have you heard of RoomScan?

Have you heard of RoomScan? This is one of the most simple and exciting pieces of mobile technology I’ve seen in a while – and it great for real estate professionals. With RoomScan, you can draw up a floor plan or figure out the dimensions of a room in mere seconds. You can input your own data or make adjustments manually, as well.

The app has been designed for users at all points on the technical comfort spectrum. Voice prompts walk you through what needs to be done, step-by-step. You simply hold you phone up to a wall, wait for the beep, and move on to the next wall or corner.

With the pro version, you can not only include doorways, but you can move beyond a room. Scan an entire floor and RoomScan will stitch the rooms together for a complete floor plan!

All you need is an iPhone to use the app, and there is a free version available (though only the paid version will include doorways). The paid version is currently $4.99 through the iTunes store.

Watch the demo video below, or click HERE to see a collection of different demo videos put together by RoomScan’s creator Locometric.

Buyer Feedback is Essential

Buyer feedback: Few things are this important to a real estate professional when it comes to the sale of a home.

Buyer feedback. Few things are this important to a real estate professional when it comes to the sale of a home. Buyer feedback is essential. It helps you to know what you’re doing right and what you need to change or improve.

Indeed, says Properties Online CEO and co-founder Amanda Cornelius, “One of the most important questions you can ask a potential buyer who has just finished viewing a home is, ‘What did you think about this house’?”

Make a habit of asking other agents and open house visitors several questions, including:

1. What was your overall impression of the house or property?

2. What did you like most about the home?

3. What did you like least about the home?

4. How do you compare this home with others you are viewing and considering?

5. How do you feel about the price? Is it accurate? Underpriced? Overpriced?

6. What would it take for you to make an offer today?

It can be challenging to ask these questions face-to-face. For one, it would be tremendously time consuming. For another, open home visitors and brokers may feel put on the spot, preventing them from being completely frank in their replies.

This is yet another way single property websites save the day.

A built-in property feedback system enables you to send a feedback request form to agents and to open house visitors, soliciting their feedback about the property.

This free tool allows you to obtain critical buyer feedback – a great way to help you negotiate needed changes with your sellers.

Home sellers often don’t realize how important it is to have their agent who can tell them the truth about their property – the good, the bad and the ugly. There will be no sale if a listing agent isn’t honest with their client about what will make the home more appealing to buyers, and an agent can gather this critical information simply by using a property feedback system.

Fortune Builders talk Technology for Real Estate

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>[/youtube]

If you have ten minutes, spend it watching JD Esajian from A&E’s hit show Flip This House and discuss various technologies that benefit real estate professionals – from his own personal experience.

He focuses heavily on mobile technologies that can be accessed via mobile phone or tablet from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The benefits? Real time results and a streamlined business.

Discover the benefits of technology for real estate using DocuSign for digital signatures, DropBox for file sharing, Google Drive for document sharing and shared editing, Google Voice, Numbers, and more.