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Tips for Top Realtors to Get Some Out of Town “Me Time”

Time For Vacation
Time For Vacation

Can’t remember the last time you took some time for yourself? Get out of town – literally. It may be the only way to retain your sanity – and subsequently your business. Think that’s counterintuitive to the usual real estate agent selling tips? Think again.

You need time off
The world won’t fall apart without you, but your mind and body – not to mention your family – may if you don’t take a break every now and then. Vacations are important to your physical and mental health.

The infamous Framingham Heart Study revealed women who vacationed rarely (every 6 years or less) were 8 times as likely to experience a heart attack, or develop heart disease, than those who took at least 2 vacations annually. Men were also not immune, with those who sidelined vacations 32% more likely to succumb to a heart attack than those who took an annual getaway.

How can you take time off without losing out on business?

• Partner up.
If your real estate business is uber-busy, it may be feasible to consider taking on a partner. With two sets of commissions coming in – you may not even feel a financial pinch. It will not only offer you a chance at time off, but additional freedom and a higher quality of life when you return.

• Add on.
Hire someone to act as a buyer’s agent. They will be perfectly capable of handling clients while you are away enjoying time off. Want to stay solo? Consider an assistant who can handle a host of duties in your absence instead.

• Consider a temp.
Hand off business to a fellow associate for an agreed upon split.

Looking for a few real estate agent selling tips to grow on? Properties Online has you covered, from checking out the latest tips and tricks, to checking out for a while. Learn more.

Business Tips for Real Estate Agents, Part 1

Business Tips for Agents Part 1

Building a real estate business is tough these days. We should know! We are in the real estate business too. Competition is fierce – fiercer than it’s ever been it seems, and the number of realtors seems to be growing by the minute. Combined with a prolonged recession, these are tough times for realtors. But a business, any business, should be built for the long term. And if you do it right, you should e able to survive the tough times and benefit from the good times.

Three tips for building your real estate business (three more in the next post):

1. Create a business plan. Very few realtors do this, but creating a written business plan is vital. This need not be complicated – your plan can be fairly simple and short. You should basically see where you are now, where you want to be, say, ten years from now, and list the steps that you need to take in order to get there (such as taking classes or starting a blog).

2. Create an annul budget. Include your projected marketing costs, any additional costs you expect to incur such as education, and your projected income. None of this will be 100% accurate, but you should still have at least a general plan.

3. Remember work-life balance. Just like any other small business, your real estate business could easily take over your life. Any small business owner will tell you that if they are not careful, they can find themselves working around the clock. Don’t let it happen to you! Make sure to spend time with your family and friends, and to have some alone time too.

Please stay tuned for our next blog post, where we will discuss three more business tips for real estate professionals.