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Property Websites or Virtual Tours?

Virtual tours were all the rage a few years ago, and they still work to some extent, but they are gradually being replaced by individual listing websites.

Property websites are a better marketing tool than virtual tours for several reasons. First off, they contain more information about the property including unlimited photos. Secondly, they are easier to find. Virtual tours are directed at buyers who have already seen the property someplace else (on the agent’s site, for example, or in the MLS listings). Virtual tours don’t generate traffic in their own right.

On the other hand, property websites generate their own direct traffic in several ways:

  • People who see the sign rider on the physical property’s lawn, then go online to check it out.
  • The seller telling their friends and family to go check out their property at the single property site.
  • The agent, the seller and their friends and family posting and reposting a link to the property site on various social networks.
  • Organic search engine queries for the property’s physical address, where the property site comes up as the first, most relevant search result.

Where Traffic is Coming From
From a total of 3,477,867 website referrals to Listing Domain Websites