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Build Your Professional Brand Through Question & Answer Sites

If you are ready to build your professional brand as a leading expert in real estate, one way to do so is through question and answer sites. These sites allow people to freely ask and answer questions on a particular topic. By doing this, you will demonstrate your expertise in your industry and ultimately become a recognized leader. This type of recognition can help you build the kind of authority that will ring in new clients, leads, referrals, partners, job offers, and any other goal you are trying to achieve online.

Need another reason to check out question and answer sites? If you create content for a real estate blog, question and answer sites can be a hotbed of potential topic ideas. One review of the top questions and answers can help your mind come up with great article ideas that could last you weeks or even months into your editorial calendar.

So what are the best question and answer sites for real estate professionals to take advantage of? Here are the top networks you should check out, follow, and participate in.

LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn is the top social network for professionals, so if you aren’t already on LinkedIn, you should be! If you are on LinkedIn, then you can participate in the LinkedIn Answers section. Here, professionals come to get advice from others about topics ranging from administration to technology. For real estate professionals, there are categories for both Personal Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate

To answer questions, simply browse the open questions for each section, click on the bright yellow Answer button, and submit the best answer possible. You will also be able to include relevant website links with your answer. If you have a blog post or article on your website that further supports your answer, feel free to add the link to it in the Web Resources box.

The best part is the Experts section. Whenever someone visits these categories on LinkedIn Answers, anyone who has been voted to give the best answers will be listed as experts in that category.

This is definitely somewhere you will want your name to be!


The next stop for professional question and answer networks is Quora. You can create a profile simply by signing in with Facebook or Twitter. Then you can start following topics that fit your business, including the following real estate topics.

Quora allows you to add links to your answers. If you are including a link to an article on your own blog or website, be sure that you have sufficiently answered the question and offer the link only as support.

Also, be sure to completely fill out your profile, including a link to your website in the bio information. Also, after you’ve followed applicable topics, go to the topics section of your profile and add a biography for each topic. This can be your professional title or your website URL. It is important because it will show up next to your name when you answer a question. Just be sure that it is less than 35 characters long, as the rest will be truncated.

Yahoo Answers

While Yahoo Answers is probably the most popular question and answer site, it is also the one where you might encounter the least professional content. Nonetheless, they have a section on Renting & Real Estate.

You will need to create a Yahoo account, or sign in using your Yahoo account to begin. In order to include live links with your answers, you will need to accrue at least 250 points on the Yahoo Answers network. These points can be earned through answering questions, signing in to the network daily,and getting voted as the best answer to someone’s question.

Zillow Advice

In addition to searching for homes for sale in the US, Zillow offers their own question and answer site called Zillow Advice. Here, you can find questions on topics including Home Buying, Home Selling, Mortgages, and more.

Before you start to answer questions, you will need to register with their site if you do not have a profile there already. If you do, be sure to complete your profile, including a photo plus links to your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other social profiles (which might require a paid account).

Do you participate on question and answer websites to build your professional brand? What other sites do you use, and what have been your experiences? Please share your thoughts in the comments!