Man with touchscreen house network web iconFor real estate professionals tired of the glut of emails, printouts, and post-its amassing on their desks from multitudinous clients regarding this home or that property, real estate tools allowing for online collaboration offer hope of cutting the clutter, both real and digital.

A group effort
Enabling easier and instant communication between buyers and sellers in addition to friends and family members, online collaboration is changing the face of real estate as we know it. All individuals involved in shopping for a home can now contemplate various choices far more quickly and easily, coming together to get right to the heart of the matter: selecting the perfect property.

Joining forces
Like social media, online collaboration involving real estate utilizes apps in conjunction with traditional websites, which link to feature photos and home information. Buyers can invite or share with friends, family members, and their fellow agents, allowing chosen members access to favorites lists, posting and sharing of comments on photos, videos, and features, and more.

Ally yourself with the benefits:

  • Easier face time
    Video conferencing easily combats the ever-present issues of timing and distance, allowing all parties to quickly get in touch and build relationships from every stage: introductions to contract negotiations.
  • Interactive presentations
    Walk clients through listings and highlights, answering questions on-the-fly.
  • Virtual home tours
    Save time and travel virtually viewing prospective properties.
  • Better teambuilding
    For real estate professionals working together, time to meet can be difficult to find due to client demands. Online collaboration makes this obstacle far easier to get around.

Collaborate with your clients to optimize satisfaction and sales with these real estate tools:

  • For clients
  • For your team

Deepen the home-search experience with online collaboration and get results! Learn more about the latest in real estate tools today!

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April 16, 2015 3:28 pm

wow this page really helped me out! thank you! also check out this video was wonderfully useful on how to get my real estate license!!!