The Face of the New Real Estate Investor

The New Investor
The New Investor

In a climate where real estate trends appear to show millennials as procrastinators in the home investment arena, it may surprise many real estate professionals to get a gander at one of today’s real estate investors.

Meet Danielle…
Danielle Moy loved the game Monopoly as a kid. Of course it probably didn’t help that her father was a real estate agent. Now 29, Moy’s Monopoly-like motivations have her on a path to purchase five properties per year. The goal? “30 in my 30s,” says Moy.

Boardwalk or Park Place?
In younger years, Moy would run through subdivisions, noting styles and imagining lifestyles. Today she bucks the real estate trends of typically tardy millennials, having purchased her first home at 22. Since that purchase (still her primary residence), she’s added five investment properties to her real estate portfolio.

Do Not Pass Go
In 2008, when the subprime mortgage crisis was under way and many newbie realtors were putting licensures on hold, Moy pressed forward, looking to the future, steady cash flow, and a retirement nest egg. “I am not afraid to move … to take risks,” Moy stated, though she is careful not to overextend herself and ensure she can cover her loans.

Moy’s rental rundown:
Moy stays on top of upward trending real estate, purchasing most homes with the help of her real estate commission cash…

  • Downtown Chicago Studio:
    • Rent: $1,325/mo.
  • Downtown Chicago Condo (same building as previous):
    • Rent: $1,400/mo.
  • Chicago Suburb Single-Family Homes
    • 2 rented
    • 1 – flip after renovation

Community Chest
Moy is now trying to convince her friends to swap their leases for mortgages to build equity and their own wealth as she pushes forward on her quest for “30 by 30.”

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