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The Shifting Landscape of Real Estate Marketing

According to a quote attributed to the Dalai Lama, “Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.” Are you still bound to conventional wisdom in your marketing programs? Give the old-school rules a contemporary tweak with these real estate marketing tips for today’s industry.

1. Create a time frame to accommodate a wide range of buyers.

Some agents take pride in getting an offer for their clients in the shortest amount of time possible. In reality, they run the risk of shortchanging clients by shutting out offers that are potentially better. Another serious risk is opening yourself up to charges of discrimination by not giving all buyers a fair opportunity. Remove the guesswork by using an offer management platform for accountability and transparency.

2. Conduct buyer interviews before showing homes.

Unfortunately, safety concerns have made initial client meetings at the property a thing of the past. Schedule first-time meetings at your office or a public place, such as a coffee shop. As a bonus, this strategy promotes decisive action and reduces the possibility of hesitation.

3. Prioritize a first-class marketing program.

When you plan your budget, is marketing the first place where you cut corners? In this highly competitive arena, creating a strong brand is the best way to set yourself above other agents. Sell potential clients on your experience and effectiveness with professional photography, property websites and other services they can’t get from DIY alternatives like Zillow.

4. Trust yourself.

Do you feel intimidated when you approach your manager with a new idea? Expressing yourself in a confident but respectful way demonstrates your commitment to finding the best solutions for your clients.

Real Estate Marketing Tips for the Modern Professional

Technology is an essential part of a successful marketing plan. Contact Properties Online for information about our cutting-edge digital tools.

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