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Three Tips to Keep Commissions High and Seller Happy

Tired of making concessions to the vast array of nibblers in your sales commission waters? Silence the sharks with these proven real estate business tips:

1. Feed them an all-you-can-eat buffet.
Develop a unique selling proposition. When sellers want to take a bite out of your commission, refer them to agents with less on their buffet. Though sellers love discounts, they won’t want to trade a premium dining experience for drive-thru. Especially after you outline the tools you use to help sellers earn the highest price in the shortest time utilizing first-class marketing services such as:

  • Video Marketing
    Wowing buyers into your home in ways the typical listing website cannot achieve through syndication to Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Single property websites (
    Photos, videos, and customized marketing material for your sellers website that can be linked or synced with Craigslist, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.
  • Syndication
    Maximum exposure through the addition of your client’s listing to major real estate portals like Trulia, iPropertySearch, and more.

2. Garnish it with a cherry on top.
Demonstrate how your superior services net more money than limited-services agents. Compare the final selling price as a percentage of listing price for your MLS to your average list-to-sell-price ratio. This will show how your real estate business tips and expertise will gain a lot more for the client than a value meal.
3. Leave gluttons at the table.
Some real estate commission nibblers want to slice your commission to the bone, even groping for additional discounts on previously discounted commissions. Don’t get washed away – jump ship!

Need a few real estate business tips to help you steer clear of rough waters? Don’t get snagged. RealEstateSites can school you on a complete, affordable marketing solution. Contact us today.

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