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Tips for Adjusting to Facebook’s New Timeline Format

Recently, we’ve been talking about how to maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook business page; however, a new priority has taken precedence over any other adjustments you are making to your Facebook business page. It is now critical that real estate agents create a cover for their Facebook business page as soon as possible.

To hear the squawking, you’d have thought the sky had fallen when Facebook migrated all business pages to its new timeline format on March 30. In timeline, Facebook business pages look dull and boring; completely unappealing. While it’s not as bad as it seems, it’s going to take a little time and effort to adjust your real estate Facebook page so you can reap the benefits of the platform’s new format. Given the power of Facebook to attract real estate clients and create first impressions, fixing your Facebook business page isn’t something you can put off. Bite the bullet and fix it now!

At the top of your Facebook “to do” list should be creating a cover for your business page. Timeline is a more visual format than Facebook’s previous layout. Adding a large cover image to your Facebook business page will give your page an attractive, professional appearance and attract user attention. To see the impact a cover makes, check out the newly-revamped Properties Online Facebook business page.

Adding a cover to your business page is quick and easy. When you log onto your Facebook business page, you’ll see an “add a cover” button in the top right corner. Click it and follow the instructions. The following tips will help you create a dynamic cover that will attract attention and create a positive first impression:

  • Don’t get into trouble with copyright infringement. Only upload images you have taken yourself or that you have purchased the rights to.
  • Keep your cover image clean and crisp. Don’t enlarge your logo to fill the space or litter your cover with ads or promotions. Use your cover to make an emotional connection with potential clients.

More tips next time

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email format
email format
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