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Tips for Creating Real Estate Photos and Videos

Attractive photos and videos sell homes. Home buyers are attracted to bright, clear photographs and real estate videos that portray the size and features of rooms and the flow of one room into another accurately and attractively. Many real estate agents work with professional photographers to stage and photograph a home before creating an individual listing domain for the property; other agents prefer to handle listing photography themselves. Whether you do it yourself or use a professional, a well-planned photo shoot should produce a suite of attractive photos that can be uploaded to real estate sites and be used to create stunning Virtuet videos of the home, flyers and other promotional materials.

When photographing a new real estate listing, the most important photo is the one that shows the front of the house from the curb. According to a National Association of Realtors survey, last year 80% of home buyers used the internet to search for a home and 25% found the home they purchased on the internet. First impressions count when selling homes. Today, a potential buyer’s critical first impression is most likely to be formed by viewing online listing photos of a property which makes it worth putting some effort into creating the most attractive listing photos possible.

Use the following tips to create real estate photos that will attract home buyers:

  • Good lighting is the key to creating real estate photos that sell homes. Shoot exterior photos on a bright, sunny day so you can frame the house against a clear blue sky. For interior shots, turn on all the lights, bringing bring in more lamps or a portable spotlight to brighten dimly-lit rooms. Use the flash on your camera to bring color and details into focus; but use a setting that diffuses the light or, if you have a multi-position flash, bounce the flash off the ceiling to prevent glare which can white out features.
  • Stage photos before you start clicking . Clear out distracting clutter before photographing a room. You want buyers to focus on the room, not what’s in it.

More tips next time

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