eFlyers are an easy way to send information to large numbers of clients and other real estate agents, but they can also be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your real estate website. The key to using eFlyers to boost real estate site traffic is search engine optimization. By applying the same keywords, linking strategies and search engine optimization techniques used to drive traffic to your website, Facebook page, listing domains, YouTube videos and blog, your eFlyers become an integrated part of your total web presence and an additional tool for increasing your search rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

keller williams craigslist flyer

Follow these tips to improve the search engine optimization of your real estate eFlyers:

  • Include keyword links to website landing pages, real estate videos and listing domains.
  • Keep your layout visually clean. You’ll garner the greatest response with short bold headlines, short copy blocks and a few crisp photos. Use links, embedded videos and QR codes to direct flyer recipients to more detailed information.
  • Prominently display your contact information in the top-right quarter of the page. Studies have shown that when viewing a webpage or document, the human eye goes first to the top right quadrant. With your contact information, include one-click links to your website, Facebook page, blog, Twitter feed, etc.

Properties Online’s easy-to-use email builder allows real estate professionals to craft dynamic eFlyers with just a few mouse clicks. A handy real estate tool built into the Properties Online platform, Agent Announce allows real estate agents to quickly design professional-looking eFlyers and send out 1,000 to 10,000 flyers at a time in targeted or broad-spectrum email blasts. Time-saving and cost-efficient, our email builder is an excellent way to alert clients and agents to new listings, status changes and price updates. Statistic tracking allows Realtors to measure the effectiveness of eFlyer campaigns as both a real estate marketing and communication tool. With prices starting at just $10, eFlyers are a fast, easy and affordable way to send information to large groups of people. Want to try it? For a limited time, real estate professionals can get their first email blast of up to 1,000 emails free on Properties Online.

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