Tips for Helping Empty Nesters Sell the Home They’ve Have for 30 Years

Leaving an empty nest and its memories can be tough on aging Baby Boomers. How can you help older couples let go and move-on? With the right real estate selling tips aimed at addressing their emotional, financial, and organizational challenges, such as:

• Point out positives.
Empty bedrooms are a flashing neon sign, pointing to a home’s now less-than-perfect fit. Though letting go of the past can be difficult, try tackling this issue by presenting new opportunities. Instead of pointing out opportunities that have passed, focus on the new ones that lie ahead: Less space to maintain, new scenery/lifestyles, restaurants, cultural offerings, etc.

• Focus on financials.
The good and the bad. Identify opportunities to yield equity that can come in handy in retirement, versus capital gains penalties and how those might affect the purchase price of a new home. Uncover any issues in the home the client has lived with for some time that may turn away potential buyers (80s décor, ancient appliances, problem plumbing, outdated electrical, and more). Contemplate the risk/reward of putting forth a little money in sales pace and final price. Note that curb appeal is what will make the home stand out to potential buyers.

• Get clients started out right.
The day a home sells is NOT the time to start packing. Uncover a path to reduced stress with the help of real estate selling tips in the form of a handy-dandy checklist for sellers. Emphasize that excessive inventory, small spaces, and tight timetables do not make for a happy ending. Help them find focus by taking the time to address items that can never be replaced (photos, kids’ first drawings, a wedding dress), and beginning to separate those that have lost importance, can be replaced, upgraded, or let go of.

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