What seller wouldn’t love to maximize the speed of selling their home, alongside the price? Putting a new look on an old battle could help them pull it off. Real estate selling tips looking at home sales from a different perspective – selling the home as a marketable “product” rather than a home – can achieve both these goals.

Drive real estate selling speed and pricing with these no-nonsense product marketing tips:

• Set the stage.
Drive-by shoppers WILL judge a book by its cover, making an instant determination to schedule a viewing with this simple act alone. Your front yard must look beautiful and maintenance-light. Don’t break the budget (new driveways/added garage) – a few new plants, grass, mulch, and a lot of lawn maintenance (raking, weeding, hedge trimming, pressure washing) will do the trick.

• Add a little sparkle and shine.
As opposed to major renovations, which can take a long time, focus instead on simple ways of creating a fresh look. The more “new” a home looks, the better the impression. The more “move-in ready,” the more buyers will pay. Deep clean every corner and crevice, particularly in the kitchen and bath, and reap big rewards. Neatly apply new trim and fresh paint. New moderately priced flooring, and you’ve got a trifecta of marketing potential at minimal cost.

• Move it or lose it.
Little stuff (clutter) prevents would-be buyers from visualizing themselves in the space. It also robs appeal, making spaces appear smaller.

• Make it look good.
Well planned, professional photographs (not amateurish phone snaps) equate to professional marketing materials. With the glut of online shopping, this is not someplace to scrimp.

• Go low to sell high.
Price just a bit low. This makes the home visible to more buyers, enhances your “product’s” bargain appeal, and entices multiple offers, competitive bidding, and a fast sale.

See real estate selling in a new light. Professionalize “product packaging” with PropertiesOnline today.

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