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Tips for Jump Starting a Direct Mail Strategy

Think print is dead? You may be missing out on the benefits direct mail can bring to your business. Response rate for direct mail to existing customers averages 2% in unspecified mass mailings and 3.4%, with targeted mailings, compared to just 0.12% for email contact. How can you take advantage? In today’s real estate selling tips, we’ll discuss a no-fail direct mail strategy.

Overcome inbox overload by putting a few new twists on this vintage marketing method:

• Avoid the standard #10 envelope.
Unless a #10 envelope is from someone a prospect knows, chances are it’s getting tossed.

• Think outside the box.
98% of people check their mail daily. Stand out from other boring mailers with freebies in your packages that help promote your business. These inexpensive promotional materials engage the prospect with a lumpy envelope (“Hmmm… wonder what’s inside…”), getting your message noticed. Not sure what we mean? Consider these promotional/message combos…

  • Stress reliever: “Take the stress out of home selling/buying…”
  • House-shaped bag clip: “Find out why we’re all that and a bag of chips.”
  • Magnifying glass: “Zero-in on success…”
  • Mints: “A fresh, new way to buying/selling your home…”

• Connect.
Use words that connect with the prop you included – and evoke an emotional connection or time sensitivity. An engaging message is what prompts readers to reach out via phone/text. And proof – never understate the importance of quality control.

  • Be on-target and offer incentives.
    Avoid random blasts for targeted marketing, including a great coupon/promotion enticing prospects with an irresistible deal. Remember the 40/40/20 rule: Success/ROI depends 40% on your mailing list, 40% on your offer, and 20% on everything else (design, images, copy, delivery date and method…).
  • Don’t neglect follow-up.
    Turning people into clients takes more than just a stamp.

Looking for relevant real estate selling techniques and compelling new ways of merging the old with the new? Properties Online can help. Contact us today.

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