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Tips on Optimizing Your Real Estate Video for Local Searches

Video usage in real estate marketing can sometimes seem tricky – especially when it comes to optimizing your latest creation to gain viable, local leads.

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is key to those top Google rankings everyone covets. You use it every day – keying in your search dujour to magically populate information. But there’s a method to this informational insanity…

Rising to the Top
To get your video in front of the right eyes, you’ll need the right recipe for success:

  1. A relationship with YouTube.
    The #2 search engine after (and owned by) Google, YouTube offers reliable – and highly visible – video hosting. Listing videos here weights in page rankings, which are seamlessly integrated into Google search results, and can integrate with your G+ account.
  2. A killer title.
    Your chosen title should be relevant, stand out, and entice, with strong adjectives, catchy phrases or interesting questions… ‘Breathtaking Farmland’… or… ‘A Little Slice of Heaven’… with the property address. Not that creative? A traditional listing name will get the job done: ‘123 Any Street, Roy’s Real Estate, Detroit.’
  3. A geotag that’s going places.
    To coordinate your video with your business’ location.
  4. The right digits.
    Make sure your NAP (name, address, phone number, and site link) are in the video description – AND THE CONTENT – so you can be easily contacted.
  5. Deep embedding.
    Embedding videos onto your website will help get the videos more views. Results are weighed heavier on pages with text – so add an intro before or put the transcript on the page after the video.
  6. A sharing heart.
    Promote and share your video on every possible social media outlet, using the correct social sharing links for each platform for best viewing and to create a ripple-effect of sharing.

Don’t let video usage in real estate marketing fall short. Set yourself up for success with the help of Properties Online today.

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