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Tips for Text Message Marketing for Realtors

Texting Tips For Realtors

Text Messaging Tips For Realtors

Mobile technology is exploding – its speed, ease-of-use, and effectiveness making it a favorite of consumers and businesses alike. Adopting text message marketing is a definite feather in your cap, but this relatively new marketing medium is about more than simply thumbing out a text. The success of your text message marketing endeavors rests squarely on your shoulders.

Heed these do’s and don’ts to ensure text message marketing success:

  • Basics
    • DO introduce/identify yourself in every message, and respond promptly.
    • DON’T leave prospects wondering who sent them, or dawdle with responses.
  • Building a contact list.
    • DO build your list from scratch, adding information from consumers and prospects as you initiate communication.
    • DON’T purchase a bunch of phone numbers from a vendor. The chances a bunch of strangers you send a random marketing text to will look to you for their business are slim to none.
  • Developing messages.
    • DO send short, insightful, relevant texts: Open house reminders, new listings, appointment reminders, sales and discount information…
    • DON’T send long or useless texts (over 160 characters), or on the flipside those too short to be relevant (“Huge sale! Act now! – Bob”). In addition, avoid messages intended only to fly your banner – “Happy Spring from Bob the Realtor…”
  • Inciting response.
    • DO include a call to action in all messages, such as spreading the word about upcoming sales or replying with a code to receive special offers.
    • DON’T buy telephone numbers for this. We can’t stress this enough.
  • Simplifying text message marketing.
    • DO take advantage of technology, such as lead capture platforms offering lead alerts, auto-responders, group messaging, and QR capability.
    • DON’T overlook texting as an effective marketing medium.

Overwhelmed by the idea of marketing yourself via text? Properties Online can help. Learn more about our SMS mobile lead capture platform, Smart Lead Capture (SLC), and simplify your text message marketing efforts today!

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