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Tips to Incentivize Your Real Estate Team to Improve Results

When you lead a real estate team, it’s important to find ways to help team members increase sales. What can you do to motivate your team? The following sales incentives offer a few ideas on how to help your team boost sales.

Run a Team Contest

A team contest for sales and listings provides a way to encourage team members to focus on a goal for the whole group to work towards. These contests might involve aiming for a certain number of listings or sales, for example. Having a team goal can inspire team members to motivate each other while building a solid rapport as a group. During these contests, going over real estate marketing tips and keeping track of each team member’s progress is helpful. For prizes, consider offering team prizes, such as a fun night out together.

Have a Listing Contest

Having a listing contest among team members brings some friendly competition while also providing an incentive to boost listings. You can hold these contests on a monthly basis or have them run for a couple of months at a time. These contests should help your team members aim to increase listing inventory and make listing appointments. You can offer cash prizes or rewards that can help your agents boost sales, such as marketing tools.

Offer a Team Trip

To really get your real estate agents excited about reaching goals and boosting sales, consider creating a team trip as an incentive. Set up tiered qualifications that cover costs, such as plane tickets, accommodations, and sightseeing. As an added bonus, include a qualification that allows team members to bring a friend or family member with them on the trip.

Get an Intranet to connect with Agents and Staff

Adding an intranet to your toolbox of value-added services can put your head and shoulders above competing brokerages. You can build a must-have intranet site that your agents and staff can’t do without. Making work-life easier for your team is a win-win proposition. With you can store all of your company documents, links, and calendar events – accessible by your agents and staff at any time of the day! It also enables you to communicate important information with your agents and staff via text message with one click!

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