Are you using social media? Are you making the most out of it? If you don’t, you might find yourself behind the real estate professionals who do! Social media is a wonderful tool for reaching out to prospects and letting them know about your services and your expertise. It’s also a valuable tool for staying in touch with existing and former clients.

Here are our top five social media must-dos for realtors:

1. Create a business page on Facebook

It’s important to keep your professional social media presence separate from your personal account. A Facebook profile is appropriate for keeping in touch with your friends, but most of the information you post there will not be relevant, or interesting, to your clients and prospects. For example, your clients will not want to hear that you are going out drinking with your friends this weekend! By keeping these accounts separate, you can keep in touch with your friends AND with your clients, providing each group with the information they would actually like to get from you.

2. Don’t keep your social media presence a secret!

Include prominent links to your social media accounts on your agent website, in your email signature and on your print media. The more fans your Facebook page has, the more viral it will become and the more valuable it will be. Make it easy for people to find it.

3. Update your social media accounts regularly

A Facebook fan page should be updated about once a day – more than that could be an imposition on fans and could cause some of them to hide your messages, which is the last thing you want! A Twitter account can be updated multiple times each day. Include short updates on new and sold listings (Real Estate Sites automates this process), and general observations on the real estate market.

4. Be helpful and knowledgeable

Social media is about forming connections, having conversations and sharing information. It’s important to use social media to show your expertise and share tips and information with clients and prospects. A blog is the best tool for this, but writing regular notes on your Facebook page will work too.

5. Make it fun and worthwhile

Research consistently shows that one of the main motives for people to join a Facebook page is when you offer them an incentive. It’s a good idea to offer the occasional discount for new fans, or new blog subscribers, run contests, and include interactive tools on your agent site that make it fun for people to join.

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