Top Real Estate Markets Predicted for 2016

Top Market for 2016
Top Market for 2016

Identified by Housing Predictor, these 10 real estate housing markets scattered from Washington to Florida have been identified using current real estate trends for their high probability for appreciation through 2016. Don’t miss the bandwagon!

TOP 10: Buy now or pay later…

  • Miami
    Miami boasts the highest projected housing inflation thanks to its status as a destination for international travelers and the resort community, ranking its homes high on the want list for buyers worldwide.
  • San Francisco
    Second on the list for projected inflation, San Francisco’s diverse culture has transformed this Bay City into a wonderful and sought after place to make a home.
  • Los Altos
    South of San Fran, rich tech businesses abound, making Los Altos a location where millionaires congregate and cash purchases of homes are the norm.
  • Seattle
    Despite its rainy climate, Seattle draws in crowds courtesy of major employers Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing whose higher salaries are expected to bolster the market.
  • Medford and Eugene
    Real estate trends in these Oregon cities point to higher values than the rest of the nation expected over the next 5 years.
  • Napa
    This wine industry leader is projected to see more economic growth than it has in its history, bolstering home values as well as new home construction.
  • Naples
    Over the next 5 years, this vacation destination for old time east coast residents is expected to do well re-establishing itself following the housing market’s downturn.
  • Austin
    Lots of growing companies, tech and otherwise, are expected to have workers streaming into Austin – and the housing market ramping up.
  • Tucson
    This desert frontier of old is forecasted to reemerge as a growing boomtown in coming years.

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