The market has heated back up, making the home buying process frustrating for buyers yearning for a property in the right neighborhood with the right fit – and the right price. Is there any way to manage this grand trifecta in today’s tight market? With the right real estate buyers agent tips, you may be able to ease buyers in…

Letting go of the past
First and foremost, today’s buyers need to understand foreclosure-driven deals of the century are gone. Today, a good buy is finding a great property to meet your needs – before someone else snatches it. With limited inventory, it’s definitely a seller’s market.

Getting the best deal
What real estate buyers agent tips can be passed on to clients to foster a feeling of accomplishment when it comes to price negotiation?

  • Make your offer shine.
    Be certain your buyers understand the importance of a pre-approval letter with competitive offers.
  • Know your numbers.
    Make sure buyers do the math before they get hung up on small price differences. That $5,000 price increase at today’s low interest rates is really only around $20 a month.
  • Focus on value.
    Help buyers understand a home priced at or below value is a good deal that will unlikely go for less. Homes above market value that have sat stagnant, however? Here you can let your skills shine with a lower offer and competitive market analysis.
  • Don’t drag your feet.
    Properties are going quickly, and it could cost you the sale.
  • Ask – but don’t assume.
    You can ask for repairs and concessions, but understand you won’t get it all. After a certified inspection is best – but don’t go into the process with the assumption that it will allow you significant room for negotiation.

Looking for a few more real estate buyers agent tips to help you cinch that sale? Stay-tuned for part two of this installment, only at Properties Online.

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