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Tweet Your Way to Success Using 140 Characters

Have tweeters block? Don’t over-think real estate promotion. Tweeting is all about keeping it simple!

Content clueless?
Real estate promotion tweets should involve listing news that can broaden YOUR business, including…

  • Announcing new listings (don’t forget the link!).
  • Price reductions.
  • Upcoming open houses.

Create short and sweet successful tweets that can’t be beat:

  • Cozy-up to hashtags.
    Posting hashtags in front of keywords helps Twitter categorize tweets and organize search results so potential customers can easily access pertinent information. Opting for commonly used phrases nets you better results. #YourCityRealEstate and #YourCityHomesForSale are great places to start.
  • Less is more.
    Don’t over-post. Tweet after tweet of information will eventually be ignored – or worse – “un-followed.” Keep your own preferences in mind when setting the frequency of your posts, considering who overwhelms you with frequent posts versus those you prefer to follow.
  • Dot your I’s and cross your T’s.
    Not everyone can have flawless spelling and grammar, but you should at least make the effort – and proofread before publishing tweets. After all, you only get 140 characters, so you’ll need to make the most of them!
  • Build a strong foundation.
    Hundreds of millions of tweets are sent every day. If you want yours to be found and not lost, make certain they are unique, interesting, timely, and relevant. Clichés, outdated information, and dull updates won’t get you noticed, and may later get you ignored. If you want the right kind of attention, clue potential clients in to information they’ll appreciate, like new properties, added locations, and mind-blowing real estate news.
  • Keep up appearances.
    Tweets should be professional, aimed at building up your reputation –not embarrassing yourself or promoting scandal. If you’re not proud of it, don’t publish it.

Looking for more tips to expand your customer base with proven real estate promotion techniques? Properties Online can help. Contact us today!

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