Twitter is a fascinating phenomenon. When it just started, many were wondering, “What’s the appeal?” You’re basically limited to posting VERY short messages (140 characters including spaces is NOT a lot!) and it’s not as rich as Facebook – you can only post text, although there are tools that enable posting richer media such as photos to Twitter.

Twitter’s Power: Its Simplicity

But Twitter has become a hugely popular social media service, and people LOVE it. We think that the ultra-short messages are actually part of the appeal – people today have a very short attention span, especially on the Internet, and the way Twitter is built is just perfect for that. It’s a constant stream of information and messages, and you just dip in and out of the Twitter stream throughout your day, posting short updates and responding to tweets made by others.

In other words, Twitter’s power is in its simplicity. While other social media channels are rich and complex, Twitter is such a bare bone service , that it really brings the focus into the content of what people are saying – there are no annoying apps or silly games like you have in Facebook, for example.

Following People

Another big advantage of Twitter over other social networks is how easy it is to find and follow new people on Twitter. There are several tools available to find new people to follow based on their bio, keywords they use in their tweets, and there are also thousands of Twitter Lists, created by users, that make it very easy to follow people in a particular space. Not everyone you follow will follow you back, but you can periodically clean out your account from people who haven’t followed you back using tools such as

Finding Local People

As an agent, it’s important to you to find people on Twitter who are from your own city. This is easy with Twitter advanced Search – you can search for tweets from a specific location, mentioning specific keywords, and you can also subscribe to this search and get daily results into your inbox.

Will Twitter Last?

While most in the social media space are fairly certain that Facebook is here to stay, some feel less comfortable with investing a lot of time into Twitter, saying that they’re not sure Twitter will still be here 5 years from now. Perhaps, but it’s here now, and can be very useful to agents.  Just make sure you don’t spend more than 10-15 minutes per day on Twitter – that’s all it takes to create a vibrant, effective Twitter account. Give it 6 months, and if you decide that Twitter is not working for you after all,  then just delete your account – at least you’ll know you gave it a try.

Find Us On Twitter!

Here’s our own Twitter account – would love to have you follow us!

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