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Use of Drones is Growing Outside of Luxury Real Estate Categories

Think drone technology is only worth it for McMansions? Think again. In today’s dog-eat-dog cyberworld of listings – it’s hard to stand out from the pack. Drop-in drone technology is topping the list of real estate selling tips that give you the edge you need to produce those sky-high sales numbers that you’ve been lusting after.

Fly It & Buy It
High-quality video and photography offer an amazing return-on-investment, differentiating property listings with dramatic photography for MLS photos and video listings. And it’s applicable to more than multi-million dollar homes.

Bring Property Advantages to Life with Drone Technology:

  • Fly from the driveway to the front door for a walkup.
  • Give a 360-degree fly-by of home exteriors.
  • Offer potential buyers a better idea of views, property landscape, and footprint.
  • Create a flowing, whole-house motion tour in HD.

Ready, Aim, Fire!
The latest and best real estate technology, using drone photography as your real estate marketing weapon of choice can really help you narrow-in on your target audience. And it can be added to your arsenal for as little as $1,000 (and FAA flight training), or farmed out to a drone photographer, then used to create compelling, professional-quality videos that far surpass ground-based shots.

Action-Packed Footage – In Minutes
Paired with Properties Online’s newest video builder, drone and ground-based footage can be assembled in minutes into a stunning video that will knock the socks of clients, and earn you those much-needed referrals with very little time investment. Our latest software:

  • Automatically adds captions, voice-overs, listing data and agent information.
  • Goes beyond default options to offer customization for color, design, content, logos, Spanish translations, and IDX-compliant versions for listings.
  • Automatically syndicates to YouTube, and provides an easy way for social sharing.

Prepare yourself for upward mobility with these and other real estate selling tips from Properties Online. Contact us and discover how to reach new heights today.

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