The integration of video chat with Facebook and Google+ offers Realtors and real estate firms an exciting new communication tool. Readily accessible from Facebook and Google, video chat is easier to use than Skype, making it an effective way for real estate agents to log face-time with long-distance clients. Email communications and tweets are adequate tools for transferring information about real estate listings to long-distance clients and have proven to be an effective way to quickly answer clients’ questions; but they lack the personal connection of face-to-face meetings.

Video chat allows real estate agents and clients to see each other in real time while they are talking, creating a more intimate and personal communication experience. Video chat makes it possible for real estate agents to develop a personal relationship with home buyers that do not live in the area, as well as with local buyers who have extremely limited availability.

The stress of finding and purchasing a home can be particularly grueling for long-distance home buyers who, by virtue of their absence, are forced to be more dependent on their Realtor than local buyers for reliable information about local schools, community services, neighborhood ambience and other issues that are important to home buyers. The ability to actually see their Realtor while discussing their housing needs and potentially suitable real estate listings can provide the extra bit of comfort and reassurance that many long-distance home buyers need.

Beyond its use as a highly effective client communication tool, video chat also offers real estate firms a viable video conferencing alternative. Video chat provides the benefits of video conferencing without the need for a video conferencing system. There’s no complicated set up, specialized equipment, lag time or expense. Video chat allows real estate firms to connect agents or multiple offices in real time for weekly briefings, training sessions or idea exchanges. Video chat allows real estate companies to create an anytime anywhere virtual conference room via computer or smartphone, a considerable advantage in our highly mobile world.

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September 4, 2013 11:40 pm

Video chat has increased the employment scope to realtors. To be connected with their foreign clients, some of them are using Now it is easy to show the real estate sites online to get the instant decision by which they are making their money.