Video Sells Your Real Estate Listings Faster

Video usage in real estate marketing helps you sell listings faster. And while listing videos remain the belle of the ball, there are plentiful other real estate video options that deliver the looks that your burgeoning business needs.

These Real Estate Video Types Deserve Your Attention Too!
Allocating a bit of time and effort to often overlooked video fare can add another layer to your online marketing presence:

Buyer/Seller Advice
Buyer and seller advice turns you into a reliable resource, and offers opportunities for ‘evergreen’ content, remaining relevant for some time following your effort. Examples include FAQ videos such as how to save for a down payment, finding a trustworthy lender, preparing a home for listing, home offer tactics, and more.

Blog Post Recaps
A great way to repurpose content, as listed above!

Neighboring homes, schools, and amenity offerings are prime information targets for buyers, especially those too far away for a quick drive-by.

Interviews/Case Studies
There’s no better advertising than happy clients. But don’t neglect other professionals who can speak on your behalf, such as lenders and builders.

About Me Explainers
Offering customers insight into who you are and what you have to offer can help foster trust and a more personal connection.

Housing Market Updates
Market updates help clients overcome unknown market obstacles from the broad to the hyper-local. (Think: Sellers vs buyers markets and inventory shortages.)

Special Offer
Limited-time free buyer/seller consultations during slow seasons, or unique downloadable content can help you standout and build your base.

Local Business Reviews
What are (your) favorite area establishments, and why? Put someone else in the spotlight for promotional reciprocity.

A great sense of humor can help you connect and standout from cookie-cutter competition.

Catch the eye of new clients with a bit of something new. See video usage in real estate marketing in a different light with the help of Properties Online today.

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