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Video: Your Website’s New “Must Have”

Video is the most powerful, under-utilized form of marketing in real estate – the online equivalent of putting a puppy in the hands of a prospective buyer. And you don’t have to be selling a luxury home for video to be advantageous. Video doesn’t just appeal to buyers – sellers are recognizing its success and value and demanding it – video is the future.

Should Your Real Estate Video Try to Go Viral?Video gets right to the heart of buyers, telling the story of “what it’s like to live here…”
Differentiating itself from the multitudes of lemming-like real estate websites, listings with property videos leap off the page, coming to life and connecting with viewers in ways photography can’t… Demonstrating the flow of a home, capturing emotionally appealing shots through footage of gardens, neighborhoods, amenities, and nightlife… All a prospective client has to do is click “play.”

How critical are real estate videos when it comes to marketing?

  • Video listings get far more hits than your typical listing stills.
  • Videos keep most visitors on websites six times longer than those without.
  • Viewers retain 95 percent of the message, versus 10 percent of written messages.
  • Properly site-mapped videos are 53 percent more likely to rank on the first page of results on Google – over blogs and traditional sites.
  • The impression the value of real estate video gives prospective clients creates an overall view of an agent as someone who can effectively service their needs.

Not your family film reel…
Video listings are incredibly powerful – if they’re done right. Avoid nausea-inducing Blair Witch tributes by following best practices, including:

  • Utilizing the correct equipment.
  • Gathering sufficient footage.
  • Developing a clear, effective message.
  • A final video with a short, but adequate length.

Over 50% of the US population is consuming online video. Are you cashing in? Don’t miss out. Revolutionize your real estate business today.

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September 30, 2016 9:31 am

Interesting read, and have you considered the use of 360 video? We are a digital agency in Europe and create 360 video for our real estate clients and it is proving to be a very powerful medium, especially for clients who need to travel long distances?

Check out a recent 360 shoot for in the Paris apartment building where Jim Morrison died. Its getting great reviews!

October 23, 2016 7:22 pm

I totally agree with this. If you look at where people are going while browsing the internet. the most obvious two biggest hitters are Facebook, and Google. Mobile browsing is on the increase, and facebook continues to develop and promote the video aspect of its app and functionality. On real estate websites, people are interested in being able to sit back and watch whatever it is the creator is trying to depict. Whether its a video of a property, the story of a past client, or the benefits of using their real estate services compared to others, video is a… Read more »

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