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Virtual Reality, the Cloud, and Blockchain Are Shaking Up the Real Estate Industry

Trends in technology have been making their way into the real estate industry over the past few years. These trends are providing real estate agents with additional marketing options and helping transactions go more smoothly. When looking for real estate marketing tips to help your business, keep the following trends in mind.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) offers an immersive experience for home buyers who might be unable to visit a property in person. Buyers who live in another part of the country or buyers who have trouble fitting home tours into their schedules can take advantage of this technology to view homes for sale. Real estate agents can use VR technology to give buyers an opportunity to tour homes they’re interested in.

The Cloud

The closing process on homes can be lengthy. The cloud makes it possible to speed up this process, which benefits both home buyers and sellers. Improvements in data management and the presence of the cloud allow the closing process to be handled with greater efficiency. Buyers and sellers can look over paperwork digitally and submit electronic signatures, which helps streamline the closing process.


Blockchain can also help improve efficiency in real estate transactions, along with security. This technology helps shield financial data when online transactions are done. The use of blockchain also offers more transparency, which can provide buyers with a better understanding of what happens on the seller’s end after they make an offer. While blockchain isn’t widely used in the real estate industry yet, this could end up changing.

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