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What’s Trending in Real Estate Video Marketing?

Every 30 days, more video content is uploaded than major U.S. TV networks have cranked out in 30 years. Do you have the real estate selling tips you need to snag a sale from the 85% of U.S. Internet users who avidly consume them? Knowing viewing trends is key to success.

Timing is Everything
The biggest trend surrounding ANY online video content surrounds content length. With gnat-like attention spans, today’s consumers prefer videos less than 60-seconds. And that’s good news for you. Short, sweet easily-consumable videos are easier and more inexpensive to produce.

How Can You Hook Leads with Short Snippets?

– Neighborhood Videos
Quick, visual neighborhood tours, sans-narration.

-Business Profiles
Collaborating with local leaders expands your audience!

-One-Minute Market Updates
Instead of droning market reports, skim the basics, offering fast access to need-to-know information.

-Community Videos
A lack of highly-localized content is frustrating for residents. Fill the void, covering local events, and boost your brand.

– Amenities Tours
Where can you get coffee/food or workout/play when you move to XX neighborhood? Showcase and share this coveted information.

-Buyer & Listing Consultation Presentations
This not only improves your presentation, but builds trust and loyalty.

-Top 10 Lists
Like the newspaper and Jay Leno, you too can create your own Top 10 lists. The possibilities here are nearly limitless: Amenities, dining, retail venues, schools…

– Buyer & Seller Tips
Evergreen, like Top 10 lists, you can also create video content on shopping for a home, lender, inspector, moving company, and more.

Are You Missing Out?

One of the most proven real estate selling tips today, leveraging video marketing, is no longer an optional luxury. It’s crucial for survival, drawing all eyes to your business and creating a deep emotional connection to potential clients, sight-unseen. Don’t get left in the dust. Increase your conversion rates and stay relevant in today’s market with the real estate selling tips and cutting-edge marketing technology of Properties Online today.

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