What’s Your Funniest and Most Awkward Moment in Real Estate?

Things That Can Happen To Realtors
Things That Can Happen To Realtors

Awkward real estate moments have you breaking out in a sweat? You’re not alone. In the realty industry, “interesting” circumstances are bound to arise. How bad was yours? Compare it to these hilariously awkward realtor news anecdotes:

  • Run fast and carry a big(ger) stick.
    Once during a buyer appointment, a local agent brought along a coworker for safety reasons. The situation was dangerous, but not in the way she’d feared. The buyer’s young son, after running around the property like a wild animal, picked up a stick, and proceeded to beat the coworker on the back repeatedly.
  • Fifty shades of gray.
    As an agent, you’re sure to understand cleaning can be subjective, from language and subject matter to dirt and clutter. This showing horror: A family of buyers walking past a bedroom boasting illegal drug paraphernalia. Apparently the owners thought it a selling point.
  • Humans on a short leash.
    Awkward animal stories abound in realtor news, from leaving appointments covered in hair and drool, to walking funny following one-too-many friendly “hellos.” Homeowners who over-indulge their four-legged family can often unknowingly create an overabundance of realty related laughter – and pain!
  • You’re up past MY bedtime.
    One agent repeatedly fielded calls after 9:30pm from a seller who was moving out of state and was extremely concerned about carrying two mortgages. How many times have you received calls or texts from a client at an inappropriate time because your realty business was deemed a 24/7 operation?
  • Reality TV.
    Once during a showing that was attended by not only the seller, but the buyer and many extended family members, a relatively loudly declared the need for a purchase offer $50,000 under asking price. The seller inquired, “Why?” “That’s what they do on HGTV.”

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