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Why You Should Use QR Codes as a Real Estate Agent

QR Codes or Quick Response Codes are a quick & easy way for real estate professionals to drive mobile traffic to their website. It allows a person to scan what is effectively a barcode with their mobile phone, accessing online information instantly. Here’s why you should use QR codes as a real estate agent:

How would this work for real estate, you ask? In seconds, with the use of a smart phone, a user can scan the code and be redirected to a designated website, where they can find additional details and photos of a property listed for sale. Services like provide a built-in tracker that will tell you how many people used the QR Code to visit your property site.

In real estate, there are three popular uses for QR Codes:

1. QR Codes in print media. This enables homebuyers who pick a flyer to quickly get to a website filled with rich information and color photos of the house. The idea is that instead of typing a long web address into their phone, the prospect can quickly and easily get to the same place and get all the information they need. QR codes beautifully connect offline with online, making the most of what modern technology has to offer, and – most importantly – engaging leads.

2. QR Code on yard signs. Typically, the prospect sees the home and the sign, and while they’re still there, they can quickly access the property site,full of information about the house, including a link to the agent’s email. It’s a great way to capture a lead that otherwise might have just moved on and forgotten about the house.

3. QR Codes to capture leads. Different from a traditional QR Code that sends prospects directly to the property’s website, QR Capture Codes first route the potential buyer to the agent’s SMS (text message) gateway capturing their phone number as they go. This service is a new and unique way to capture mobile leads from a QR scanner/reader.

If you’re a real estate agent, you should be using QR Codes to market your properties. They’re free, innovative and simple to add to your traditional marketing materials, such as business cards, flyers, newspaper ads and more.

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