The Wonders of Text Marketing

Text for Info – the New Immediacy Tools for the Connected Consumer

Are you losing potential clients because your text marketing solutions are lacking? Text is terrific. 98% of recipients read text messages, 90% within 3 minutes – without the need for apps or smartphones. A simple and effective mode of communication, text quickly gets consumers what they want – information. It also gives you what you want – a fast and easy way to build a mobile marketing list of interested prospects.

How can you make text marketing work for you?
With Smart Lead Capture, our unique mobile marketing solution, is free with Listings Unlimited.

• Quickly and easily capture leads
With the help of Smart Capture Codes, unique property identifiers that can be used with print advertising or sign riders. Use your custom Smart Capture Code (for example, PaulsProperties) and 9 Sub-Codes (PaulsProperties1-9), creating multiple campaigns. This allows potential buyers to quickly and easily contact you for details, and provides their contact information.

• Reduce your workload.
Once prospects text the code, Properties Online has the ability to automatically respond based on your settings, sending interested parties information about the property, alongside a link to its mobile website.

• Don’t let ‘em get away.
Effective text marketing involves more than a simple reply. It protects leads with a quick follow-up and the contact necessary to build relationships. With Lead Alert, prospects are sent instantly to your text-enabled phone, allowing for fast follow-up that can mean the difference between a snubbing and a sale.

• Stay in touch…
Send Carrier and CTIA-compliant, target-specific SMS (commonly referred to as texts) marketing blasts singly or en-masse with Message Scheduler.

See it in action! Text JoeAgent to 54561.

Only using text to keep in touch with existing clients? You’re missing out on the cornucopia of benefits text marketing has to offer. Connect with your consumers – fast. Take advantage of Smart Lead Capture, only with Properties Online today.

Tips to Boost Your Real Estate Business!

Boost Sales & Come Out On Top with these Real Estate Marketing Tips

Is your current real estate marketing plan boosting sales – or falling flat? To stay ahead of the curve, you need marketing solutions custom-tailored to today’s digital era.

Raise sales – and your rankings on Google – with these proven real estate marketing tips:

  • Revamp your website.
    It’s the foundation of your digital marketing efforts.

    • Go responsive…
      With a responsive site design optimized for mobile looky-loos. Ease of use across a variety of platforms is integral to reaching more potential clients.
    • Be a blogger.
      (Or at least create a company news section.) It’ll ramp up your visibility on search engines, social media, and more.
    • Create videos.
      This powerful medium better showcases your properties – and your talents as an agent.
    • Build your base.
      Adding a newsletter signup is a free and easy way to gain potential clients.
    • Improve SEO.
      An effective Search Engine Optimization strategy can help you get the search engine traffic you need for success.
    • Track it.
      Stay informed of your progress by running Google Analytics on your website – and checking results regularly.
  • Increase exposure.
    Once you’ve given your website the TLC it deserves, drive traffic its way through enhanced online marketing efforts.

    • Be newsworthy.
      Stand out and stay in touch with valuable prospects and customers with a regular company newsletter.
    • Opt for quality over quantity.
      Quality content boosts search engine rankings – and builds your audience.
    • Keep it professional.
      With LinkedIn networking strategies including blogging, group discussion boards, and search functions that keep you engaged with industry professionals.
    • Keep your eye on the prize.
      Targeted advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords are a great way to efficiently target potential clients and showcase services, as is remarketing, which shows ultra-targeted ads to those who’ve already visited your website.

Properties Online is dedicated to your real estate marketing success. Discover more ways to shine. Contact us today.

Have You Noticed These Real Estate Trends? We Have!

Are You Seeing these Predicted Trends in Your 2016 Business Now?

With the best housing year since 2007 behind us, real estate trends point to 2016 as an even better year, with economic growth and employment continuing their climb, offering people increased opportunities to upgrade their homes or buy their first one.

What real estate trends will have the biggest impact on the housing market in 2016?

1. Normalcy.
Yep. That word we haven’t used to refer to the housing market in quite some time. Healthy growth will continue, but at a slower, more balanced pace than 2015.

2. Generational shuffles.
The rising wages of Gen Xers will allow them to step-up, while older Boomers seek to retire and downsize, providing much of the inventory Millennials will be on the lookout for. Representing one-third of the market in 2015, they are expected to dominate again this year.

3. More affordable new homes.
New construction will be trending toward more affordable, single family homes in 2016 (over the limited luxury market) as credit access improves.

4. Higher mortgage rates.
Rising rates will present a mixed-bag, with some mortgage volatility expected again in 2016. Thirty-year fixed-rates are predicted to end the year about 60 basis points higher than today. The increase will be manageable for most consumers – barring those in higher-priced markets, which are expected to slow. Mostly, however, the effect of rising rates will be minimal as buyers rush to take advantage of rates before they climb.

5. Rents outpacing home prices.
As renters continue to be crushed by rental rates exceeding 30% of income in more than 85% of rental markets, home prices are moderating. This is making homes more affordable to buy for those with a stable income, able to save a down payment, and with clean credit.

What’s does the future hold for you? With knowledge of up-and-coming real estate trends from Properties Online, you can come out ahead. Take advantage today!

Curious About the Latest Housing Trends? We Give You 10 Right Here!

Ten Emerging Trends in Residential Real Estate

Times are always changing, and that seems to be particularly true for real estate trends these days. What upcoming summer trends do you need to know about in today’s hot housing market?

1. Rising prices.
Home affordability is on the decline as prices continue to rise faster than wages. The average buyer now invests over 30% in mortgage payments. High rental rates keep the market attractive, however, with most buyers saving money over renting in as little as 2 years.

2. Leveling markets.
The country’s hottest markets (San Francisco, Boston) are leveling off, with growth returning to normal.

3. Tight inventory.
New home builders continue to struggle to meet demands in their recovery. Inventory, particularly for starter homes, will remain tight, with fewer distressed properties for sale.

4. Rapid sales.
One-third of properties disappear within 30 days of listing, with 62% facing bidding wars.

5. Mortgage accessibility.
Relaxed guidelines for borrowers are allowing for more purchases, with 3/4 of loan apps closing, compared to just 2/3 last year.

6. Rising rates.
Rising rates aren’t chasing away buyers, who still feel pressed to take advantage of near-historic lows.

7. Disappearing cash.
Cash purchases, making up nearly 47% of the market in 2011 and 33% just last year, are projected to decline to their historic average, 25%, by the middle of next year.

8. Mom-and-pop investors.
Gone are yesteryear’s institutional investors. Now mom-and-pop investors are entering the investment market, taking advantage of the current real estate trend of ditching stocks in favor of the landlord/vacation rental game.

9. Trendy townhouses.
High-density “urban villages,” comprising 12% of new construction, are favored by first-time buyers and Boomers looking to downsize.

10. Return to the ‘burbs.
Urban homes have risen so quickly, more than half of buyers are looking to the suburbs for opportunities.

Don’t fall behind the times. Stay up on the latest real estate trends with the help of Properties Online today.

Search Engine Optimization - Will They Find You?

What Every Real Estate Agent Should Know About SEO

If you want to successfully grow your brand, optimizing your web presence is a requirement. With the right real estate marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and best practices so rapidly changing, keeping up with the latest tricks of the trade is essential to your rise in the rankings and gain in sales.

What changing SEO real estate marketing trends do you need to be aware of in 2016?

• Links rule.
Aside from web page authority, Moz’s data points to quality of links holding the highest correlation to Google rankings. Quality content gives individuals and websites more incentive to link to it, bolstering your website user’s experience.

• Keywords drool.
There continues to be a dwindling positive correlation between keyword use on your pages and search rankings. Google searches are becoming smarter, focusing on “user intent” to determine optimal search results for clients. In short, it’s time to change your focus from keyword-zealous to quality content.

• HTTPS and URLs may surprise you.
Expected: Page length, total number of links, and international targeting positively increase exposure in search results. Unexpected: An HTTPS URL, which is a more secure protocol for sending data, provides a small SEO boost, offering advantages where search results are similar.

• Dot coms don’t matter.
Is the Dot com you wanted taken? Don’t sweat .net or .realtor domain names. They’re just as effective in terms of SEO. Do keep domain names short and clear. However, there is a definite negative correlation between good SEO and lengthy URLs and URLs with numbers.

• Social impact.
SEO experts disagree on whether social signals directly affect Google searches. However, there are still SEO benefits to high numbers of social shares. Which sites offer your business the biggest benefit? Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have the biggest positive impact, according to Moz.

Are you searching out the right real estate marketing tips for your business? Properties Online can help. Find out more today.