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smart lead capture
Smart Lead Capture

Real Estate SMS marketing made simple! Smart Lead Capture (SLC) is a new mobile lead capture platform included with our Listings Unlimited service. This tool allows real estate professionals to capture mobile leads by offering home buyers the ability to text for more information about a home listed for sale or rent. With Smart Lead Capture, each property is assigned a Smart Capture Code that when sent via SMS to our long code, will send the user information about the property along with a link to the property’s mobile website.


SEND A TEXT MESSAGE TO: 888-866-9492

Getting leads is critical to helping agents and brokers grow their business. But quick follow-up could mean all the the difference between a dead end lead and a closed deal. That is why Smart Lead Capture also includes two very important tools to aid real estate professionals in their ability to follow-up with leads in a timely manner. Text Auto-Responders will allow agents to enter a short message that will be dynamically sent to any prospect as soon as they text for more information about a property. Lead Alerts allow the agent to receive leads via a text message sent immediately to their mobile device so they can follow-up with the prospects in real time. Both of these SMS tools were designed to help agents and brokers turn hot leads into real clients.

We also provide agents and brokers the ability to purchase custom “Smart Code” sign riders for each listing. Sign riders are a proven way to capture leads and drive traffic to the property’s mobile website.


A Smart Capture Code is a unique property identifier that can be used in print advertising and on sign riders to help generate mobile leads. We offer several types of Smart Codes, including dedicated codes called P-Codes, and reusable codes called X-Codes.

Agents and brokers capture leads by offering prospective clients the ability to “text for more information” about a property listed for sale or rent – giving them the opportunity to connect the way they want, when they want. This means that a prospective buyer can access information on a property virtually immediately, without having to stop to record any detail manually. And the agent benefits by obtaining the client’s contact details at the moment the client sends a text message.

Each property is assigned a Smart Capture Code that when sent via SMS to the Properties Online long code will automatically send the user information about the property, along with a link to the property’s mobile website.


A P-Code is a Smart Capture Code that is generated for a specific property and cannot be reassigned to a different property. An X-Code can be reassigned to a different property once the property it was originally assigned to has sold. Each user is given a limited number of X-Codes that they can use, and reuse for their listings. The main advantage to using the X-Code feature is the ability to purchase sign riders and then reuse them on different properties.


Similar to email auto-responders, SMS Auto-Responders allow you to send an automated response via text message as soon as a prospect utilizes your text for information service provided by Smart Lead Capture. Here are a few examples of SMS Auto-Responder messages:

Thanks for viewing information about my Listing on Hill Street. We are having an Open House this Sunday from 1-4pm. I am also available to give you a private showing if that works best. Please feel free to text me back at 555-555-5555.

This property is currently in escrow. I have similar listings that I would be happy to show you. Feel free to call or text me at 555-555-5555.

Thanks for viewing information about my Listing. We will be entertaining offers this weekend so if you are interested, please call me ASAP to schedule a time to view the interior. 555-555-5555.

Marketing via text message (SMS) is one of the smartest, most effective options available. In today’s consumer environment, where more than 73% of cell phone users send and receive SMS and MMS messages, text messaging is flat out better than email. Here’s why:

Text response times trump email response times nearly every time. Take this statistic from – It take the average person 90 minutes to respond to an email, but just 90 seconds to respond to a text message.

Too many emails end up unopened and unread, lost to the spam or trash folder – some 88%, in fact. But over 97% of SMS messages are opened, 93% of which are read within 3 minutes of receipt.

There is no better or more powerful tool for capturing leads and potential clients than SMS and MMS (multimedia message service) messaging. And Smart Lead Capture makes it all unthinkably easy.