How to Sell Your Home When Children are Home for the Summer

Tips for Selling that Hot Property with the Seller’s Kids Out of School

Getting a house ready for showings involves educating your sellers on the ins and outs of staging a home but what happens when the seller’s children are home from school for the summer?

You want the property to appeal to the widest variety of buyers, including buyers with children and ones without children. Use our following real estate selling tips to ensure the home is portrayed in the best possible light


Buyers prefer to see a house with the bare necessities in order to be able to picture their own belongings in it. The less clutter on countertops and in rooms the better.

Neutral, Neutral, Neutral

The sellers may think their kid’s pink and purple paint job is adorable, but chances are a potential buyer will just see more work for them. Sellers should paint any room with a neutral color before listing.


Your sellers will be best advised to remove as many personal effects as possible from walls, including family photos and children’s drawings. Have sellers fill in the holes with putty and paint.

Empty House

Take the sellers and children out of the picture during open houses or showings. Buyers generally feel more comfortable when the homeowners are not there in order to voice their opinions about the home.

Daily Upkeep

It is easier to keep a house in show-worthy condition if the sellers keep it picked up. Ensure daily sweeps are made and sellers keep their children motivated to keep their rooms clean.

Having sellers with children home from school doesn’t have to be an issue. Your objective is to make sure the house appeals to a broad range of buyers by ensuring the children are part of the solution.

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How to Keep Your Offer Hot in a Fast Paced Market

Tips to Keeping Your Offer Hot in a Fast-Paced Seller’s Market

In today’s real estate market, homes are moving fast, especially in the starter home sector where competition is uber-intense. With homes selling in hours instead of days, do you have the real estate buying tips you need to keep your buyers at the head of the pack?

Help your buyers break through the competition and beat rivals with these real estate buying tips:

  • Move fast.
    To ensure your success in retaining your current clientele and ensuring additional business, it’s in your best interest as a buyer’s agent to be aggressive and timely in today’s market. Especially when it comes to helping your client secure a contract, so you will prevent lost opportunities for you both. Time is of the essence, so staying on top of things and moving fast when opportunities present themselves is essential.
  • Be on the alert.
    Property alerts (also called instant notifications) on most real estate websites offer the option to save search criteria and have alerts emailed/texted immediately when relevant new listings hit the market. A great tool, as when homes are selling within hours every minute counts. Advise clients to choose sites with direct feed to their local MLS (sites that update within minutes, rather than daily) for the fastest results.
  • Be aggressive.
    To compete, be certain to structure offers in such a way as to make them appealing to sellers. (i.e.: don’t ask for too much or make offers too complicated.) In a multiple offer situation, those that don’t immediately stand out may be quickly relegated to the selling agent’s ‘reject’ pile. Formulating a strategy BEFORE buyer’s fall in love with a home is advisable – then you can simply pull the trigger.

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Have Someone Look Over Your Preliminary Report For a Smooth Sale

The Preliminary Title Report is Your New “BFF” Why?

Reviewing the Preliminary Title Report immediately is integral among real estate selling tips for preventing long-term sales roadblocks, which can take a great deal of work, time, and money to clear. Although nearly everything in real estate must be written, documents aren’t always recorded or safely and properly stored for reference as they should be.

Many title-related issues can come back to haunt you:

  • Uncovered liens.
    Title liens flying under the radar from long, long ago.
  • Liens from prior owner(s).
    Liens from third parties that preclude the current owner’s insurance or transfer, sometimes lying in hiding from several owners back. They’ll continue to remain until cleared, and if left unresolved will result in sales issues down the road for your current buyers.
  • An unrecorded re-conveyance.
    From when the note secured by a Deed of Trust on the property was paid off.
  • Litigation issues.
    Lawsuits on file which are vague and lacking in details, such as a lawsuit initiated for specific performance which was later updated to a damages suit (with the specific performance component removed).
  • Property boundary issues.
    Even a prior agreement with a neighbor affecting property boundaries. Example: a fence location, which may not be an issue for the previous owners but may be one for the new owners, could result in expensive disputes later.

Following the paper trail
This real estate selling tip advises going over every facet of the Preliminary Title Report with a fine tooth comb to avoid unnecessary delays, aggravation, and potential legal and other related expenses later. Read the report carefully and obtain copies of any documents referenced that are in question. Inquire with the seller in reference to items that are unknown or misunderstood.

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How to Handle Seller Counter Offers On Asking Price

Tips for Buyer’s Agents to Countering Over the Asking Price Sales

Sellers coming back with over-asking price counteroffers typically create a lot of drama. Though it may come to a surprise to many buyers, there are many reasons a seller may decline a full price offer. Do you have the right real estate buying tips to help your buyers navigate these shark infested waters?

Take a bite out of emotion
Buyers, who become emotionally attached, picturing themselves in homes, need to be brought back to some rationality, specifically:

  • The MLS doesn’t guarantee prices like an area superstore, it’s a listing service for the industry, holding participants to certain standards, and protecting commissions.
  • The owner, not the agency, makes the decision on final sales price.
  • You do not know, nor do they have to disclose, the financial situation of the seller.
  • The owner may not have ‘changed their mind’ or thought they could get more following full price offers. Homes are often listed, underpriced, at 5-10% to generate over-asking price offers.
  • The seller may have another offer, or be unhappy with the terms.
  • The property may be recently listed, generating high-interest.

Must buyers accept?
No. In this awkward situation, created by the seller, they can…

  • Walk away.
  • Choose to put the offer in a back-up position.
  • Decide if it’s still an awesome deal.
  • Make a strong case for your offer (or counter-offer) with comparative market analysis data.

Life preserver
In future situations, heed these real estate buying tips for agents to prevent such antics. As the old saying about flies and honey: Making a positive impression on the listing agent and seller can work wonders, as can including financing pre-approval with offers – and a brief letter (The Jones enjoyed viewing your beautiful home and look forward to living in it with their 3 kids…).

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First Impressions are Everything: Draw Potential Buyers in with a Welcoming Interior

Summertime Sales Boosting Home Staging Tips

With the summer busy season in full swing, buyers are taking advantage of the beautiful weather, looking for the perfect home to get their families resettled in before the start of the next school year. Are your sellers doing what it takes to market their home effectively and earn top dollar? Impressions of the home are made within the first 15-20 seconds it’s viewed, and passing along a few simple real estate selling tips can help them present it in the best possible light.

Heat up summer sales with these real estate selling tips for effective home staging:

  • Spruce up the exterior.
    It’s the first impression buyers get. Keep the lawn neat and tidy, tackle weeds, and keep clutter cleared. Anything that looks high maintenance is going to turn-off potential buyers.
  • Update the interior.
    Tastes have changed in recent years. Kitchens are hot, and stained cabinets are not – especially darker varieties. White cabinets are currently very popular. For baths, updating out of style brass hardware for chrome or silver is also recommended. In the rest of your home, a fresh coat of light neutral paint, neatly applied, can also clean and brighten things up considerably.
  • Seek out a stager.
    From photos to figurines, collectibles are clutter, and poor furniture arrangement can ruin a space. A stager offers a neutral third party opinion, taking some of the pressure off agents and helping prod sellers in the right direction. Many brokers include this with the listing.
  • Know when to leave well-enough alone.
    In today’s lending environment, it’s difficult to do improvements before closing. Consider saving major improvements for the buyer, whose tastes may be radically different, and opting to pay closing costs instead. This allows the buyer the necessary cash for improvements, making your home more appealing.

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