Real Estate Construction up, Sales Low.

Is New Home Construction Cutting Into Your “Game”?

Sales a little lackluster recently? Real estate selling may be a little tougher in upcoming months, courtesy of new home construction, which has jumped substantially. Adding to this complex quandary: Buyer ignorance of the new home buying process.

How many new homes are we talking?
According to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s monthly new residential construction report, the number of brand-new homes completed and ready for real estate selling in August jumped 4.9% from just one month prior, up 6.7% from one year ago. The new homes, finally seeing a jump in the entry-level market versus the industry’s past preference for luxury builds, are hoped to alleviate the current housing crunch – although they are still expected to fall short of what’s needed.

Is the end nigh?
Nope. Builders are convinced of demand, prompting an increase in permits, rebounding from July and up 12.5% from July to August – 8.7% year-over-year. Permits and construction of new condos and apartments are also rising.

New homes, where are they?
Primarily in the South (51,000 builder permits in August), where companies and people are migrating to enjoy a lower cost of living. The West also saw a 14.5% rise in permits from the previous month, at 25,300. The North saw a large rise percentage-wise, up 16.7% at 9,800, but land is scarce and expensive, holding builders back.

Homebuyers, where are they?
Many are sticking their heads in the sand, shopping new models and hoping for reduced prices in the amount of agent commissions, not understanding these costs are commonly built into the price of homes. Others are ignorant, viewing homes solo, losing their opportunity for realtor representation, and leaving builders to pocket the money.

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Make Sure Your House is 100% Presentable to Sell!

Tips to Helping Your Sellers Focus on Selling a ” Product” Not a Home

What seller wouldn’t love to maximize the speed of selling their home, alongside the price? Putting a new look on an old battle could help them pull it off. Real estate selling tips looking at home sales from a different perspective – selling the home as a marketable “product” rather than a home – can achieve both these goals.

Drive real estate selling speed and pricing with these no-nonsense product marketing tips:

• Set the stage.
Drive-by shoppers WILL judge a book by its cover, making an instant determination to schedule a viewing with this simple act alone. Your front yard must look beautiful and maintenance-light. Don’t break the budget (new driveways/added garage) – a few new plants, grass, mulch, and a lot of lawn maintenance (raking, weeding, hedge trimming, pressure washing) will do the trick.

• Add a little sparkle and shine.
As opposed to major renovations, which can take a long time, focus instead on simple ways of creating a fresh look. The more “new” a home looks, the better the impression. The more “move-in ready,” the more buyers will pay. Deep clean every corner and crevice, particularly in the kitchen and bath, and reap big rewards. Neatly apply new trim and fresh paint. New moderately priced flooring, and you’ve got a trifecta of marketing potential at minimal cost.

• Move it or lose it.
Little stuff (clutter) prevents would-be buyers from visualizing themselves in the space. It also robs appeal, making spaces appear smaller.

• Make it look good.
Well planned, professional photographs (not amateurish phone snaps) equate to professional marketing materials. With the glut of online shopping, this is not someplace to scrimp.

• Go low to sell high.
Price just a bit low. This makes the home visible to more buyers, enhances your “product’s” bargain appeal, and entices multiple offers, competitive bidding, and a fast sale.

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There's a New Technology Out Everyday. Use Some to Your Advantage, It Could Drastically Improve Business!

Gotta Love The Texting Generation! How to Give them More

Today’s text-crazy customers can’t get enough of this super-fast mobile communication platform. How can you merge real estate and technology together to give them more of what they want, faster and more reliably than your competitors? With Smart Lead Capture.

What’s so ‘smart’ about it?

Properties Online’s own proprietary Smart Lead Capture (SLC) is an all-new platform designed to give real estate pros the ability to connect with and capture mobile leads – fast. All that potential buyers need to do is text for more information listed on the sign riders of properties available for sale or rent.

Am I too dumb/smart enough to figure it out?

Many in the industry tend to break out in cold sweats at the thought of real estate and technology merging, but it’s not rocket science. SLC is simple and easy to implement, and even better – FREE with Listings Unlimited.

How does it work?

Your account will be assigned its very own unique Smart Capture Code (for example, PetesProperties) for use with 9-sub codes (PetesProperties 1-9). Attaching these codes to your sign riders and other media will enable the creation of multiple marketing campaigns, giving today’s thumb-happy generation the ability to contact you quickly and easily for details – and providing you with essential prospect contact information. Once the text is received, you’ll receive a Lead Alert, with the ability to send an automatic response based on personal user settings, providing on-demand text information, and allowing for fast follow-ups that cinch sales. Easily stay in touch later on with single or mass marketing blasts via Message Scheduler.

Want to see it in action?

Send a text message to 54561 and enter P102 in the message field and witness how fast and simply SLC can work for your business.

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Prepare Your Company To Take Advantage of the Latest Technology and Boost Sales!

Battle Bots – Don’t Miss Out on the Latest in Real Estate Tech

Struggling to keep up with the seemingly endless issues of clients? Real estate and technology can work in harmony for better control of these queries. What is this miracle cure? It’s not an added staff member – but bots – those little help-chat boxes that pop up on every website from your health insurer to your cell phone carrier.

Building bots

Carey is a DIY bot development product technology that is currently in development, which will allow users to create their own ‘automated response technology,’ or bots. Created by AgentPair founder Clark Giguiere, it’s very close to wrapping up beta testing. One bot, built for industry news-provider Inman, will be ready any day. Another is already in-use by Trulia, helping renters find places in major markets and providing local stats and data.


Bots are simple to find and use – even Facebook is using them. Just tap the Messenger’s search tool to find a list of your friends and favorites, as well as available bots: Bots for sports teams and scores, news bots, bots for the Presidential race – you name it, there’s a bot for it. Though certain key search terms must be used, bots are getting smarter and easier to use every day.

Battle bots

As industries struggle to rise to the top in today’s digital era, bots are an emerging power. Will you take advantage of the innovative opportunities they have to offer?

A match made in cyber-heaven

Pairing real estate and technology, a bot could be a fantastic friend, saving you precious time by…

• Automatically responding to initial property inquiries.

• Asking about mortgage pre-approval.

• Gathering property preferences.

• Sending agency agreements.

• Verifying (and capturing) potential clients.

• Sending blog updates.

• Announcing new listings and open houses.

• Bot potential is virtually unlimited!

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Everyone Likes Getting Free Stuff in the Mail. Including a Small Gift Might Help Reel The Customer's In.

Tips for Jump Starting a Direct Mail Strategy

Think print is dead? You may be missing out on the benefits direct mail can bring to your business. Response rate for direct mail to existing customers averages 2% in unspecified mass mailings and 3.4%, with targeted mailings, compared to just 0.12% for email contact. How can you take advantage? In today’s real estate selling tips, we’ll discuss a no-fail direct mail strategy.

Overcome inbox overload by putting a few new twists on this vintage marketing method:

• Avoid the standard #10 envelope.
Unless a #10 envelope is from someone a prospect knows, chances are it’s getting tossed.

• Think outside the box.
98% of people check their mail daily. Stand out from other boring mailers with freebies in your packages that help promote your business. These inexpensive promotional materials engage the prospect with a lumpy envelope (“Hmmm… wonder what’s inside…”), getting your message noticed. Not sure what we mean? Consider these promotional/message combos…

  • Stress reliever: “Take the stress out of home selling/buying…”
  • House-shaped bag clip: “Find out why we’re all that and a bag of chips.”
  • Magnifying glass: “Zero-in on success…”
  • Mints: “A fresh, new way to buying/selling your home…”

• Connect.
Use words that connect with the prop you included – and evoke an emotional connection or time sensitivity. An engaging message is what prompts readers to reach out via phone/text. And proof – never understate the importance of quality control.

  • Be on-target and offer incentives.
    Avoid random blasts for targeted marketing, including a great coupon/promotion enticing prospects with an irresistible deal. Remember the 40/40/20 rule: Success/ROI depends 40% on your mailing list, 40% on your offer, and 20% on everything else (design, images, copy, delivery date and method…).
  • Don’t neglect follow-up.
    Turning people into clients takes more than just a stamp.

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