Thumbs Up for Real Estate Sampling!

Real Estate Service Sampling – Are You In?

Sampling is one of the most proven marketing strategies for increasing sales, and is one of the leading real estate trends successful agents subscribe to. Like the frozen food peddlers at your buying club, giving potential customers a taste can lead them in unexpected directions. And though not quite as simple and attention-grabbing as those tangibly tasty puddings and pies, sampling your services is still just as easy to implement – and equally effective at boosting sales.

Sample packaging
Sampling your knowledge can instill confidence in homeowners that you can meet their buying and selling needs, prove your enthusiasm and authenticity, and boost comfort levels and trust. But what you’re sampling should depend on the modality…

How can you give customers a taste?


• The single best way to sample your service, is a 30 minute face-to-face where you can show your expertise, authenticity, passion, personality, and compassion for clients. (In real situations – not cold-calling, door-knocking, or “schmoozing”.)

• Let those you connect with know you’ll refer business their way when the need arises, and if you meet anyone who can meet their needs, you’ll connect them as well.

Display advertising (keep it short and sweet)

• How long have you served the community?

• How many clients?

• Do you live where you work?

• What local businesses do you love? Partner!


• Be real: Incorporate everyday photos (even silly ones) over Photoshopped headshots.

• Offer recently sold data, upcoming local events, and tips.

Social media

• Post lots of local information, from cool new listings, to historical facts and new business additions.

• Share at-home and at-work personal pictures (i.e.: be human).


• Blog on topics that show your unique knowledge base, and write with personality. (How-to’s, comparison/contrasts, “why” pieces, etc.)

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Self-Driving Cars Are Changing the Game

What Impact Will Self-Driving Cars Have on Suburb Real Estate Sales?

The infamous words “location, location, location” may become a thing of the past, due to the latest in real estate trends: Self-driving cars. Arriving in the market next year and cruising into the garages of prospective clients, this long-awaited new technology is expected to blaze new trails in the housing market…

Home George (Jetson)!
A radical new solution to rush hour and road rage is underway, paving a new route that will free up time, lower transportation costs, and reconfigure communities as options for real estate open up for consumers nationwide – options that would have been overlooked or ignored pre-car-automation.

Away we go
Turning our notions about where to buy and invest upside-down, driverless cars, once on the market, will open up a world of new possibilities, greatly changing real estate trends:

• Boosting car-sharing and reducing traffic congestion.

• Eliminating the number of cars necessary, creating a more efficient transportation system that will ultimately free-up real estate previously used for parking lots and garages – some 25-30% of the current market.

• Spurring a garage-makeover renaissance, adding on valuable bedrooms, bathrooms and other square footage.

• Possibly shrinking necessary kitchen, dining, and living space (not quite “tiny houses” – but smaller homes with fewer amenities) as food and social entertainment is made more easily accessible.

• Opening up markets for buyers, increasing access to not only affordable locations, but reducing the stigmas associated with high-traffic markets. Also, overcoming the negative commuting aspects of living in the burbs or outskirts, especially given the ability to accomplish other things during “drive time.”

• Offering agents a better way to show homes, as well as the ability to focus on clientele and the selling process over navigation duties.

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Are Your Communications Secure?

What Agents Need to Know About Private Communications in a Home They Are Showing

Those glued to HGTV well know the benefits of bugging a home with hidden cameras and listening devices during a showing. Opening the eyes of sellers and agents, these devices can point to overlooked or ignored strengths and weaknesses, making real estate selling a much easier endeavor. In the private sector, however, bugging could set you up for some ethical and legal pitfalls…

Buggy benefits
Bugs can give you timely, clear, honest feedback – the kind you’re not likely to get from buyer’s agents. Pricing feedback. Staging advice. Unappealing features (you know – the one’s you’ve been nagging your sellers about for months). But while bugging can bring to light ways a home can be improved to boost mass market appeal, they can also reveal details that present ethical dilemmas.

Bug bites
What if you overheard a potential buyer touting their willingness to go over-and-above listing price for a home – but they later submitted an offer less than asking price. Would it be ethical to use this knowledge in negotiations? Turns out, just because you need or simply want this feedback, doesn’t make it legal.

Punch bug
While sellers may legally install monitoring devices to protect property, when things get down to the legal nitty gritty, only video can be filmed and only in non-private locations (no bathrooms). Audio is a no-go. Most states require the consent of one or all people involved in audio recording procedures, and the buyer does not count as a “consenting party.” A signed release in advance or clearly posted “listening devices present” signage would be required for consent. Despite this, however, many sellers record audio without the knowledge of the real estate agents or other parties. (How careful are you or your clients about what you say or how you act in someone’s home?)

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How to Manage Instagram for Your Real Estate Business Like a Pro

Social media is increasingly becoming a bigger and more important part of the home buying experience. Instagram added more than 100 million users in 2014 alone, and with this platform, social currency is imagery. Putting this to work for your real estate business can land this currency in your pocket – provided you have the right Instagram real estate selling tips for agents.

Cheap shot
Everyone knows the social media golden rules of avoiding compromising photos and other imagery that could come back to haunt you. What agents tend to miss are common account mismanagement issues, such as sub-par quality photo and video content that make them look old-fashioned or cheap.

Unfortunately this deadly sin of Instagram marketing is easy to commit due to the sheer simplicity of Instagram uploading. However, don’t fall victim. Make your account standout with quality additions. Talk like a human – not an advertising robot, connecting emotionally via unique captions, listings, and personal photos that bring you and your real estate business to life.

If a tree falls in the forest…?
Unfortunately, simply posting great content is not enough. Beautiful photos and content are worthless without visitors to view them. Real estate selling tips for reaching key demographics are key to success here.

Owned by Facebook, Instagram’s advertising system is nearly identical. Use it to your benefit, taking advantage of familiar targeting options (first-time home buyer) and features (Insights program, building algorithms using third-party data collectors, call-to-action buttons, etc.). Then refine your content accordingly.

Don’t overlook the importance of hashtags. Post as many as possible to boost results (up to 30 per photo/video). Just be careful not to over-generalize or over-specify, opting for neighborhoods or local features over large cities and specific addresses.

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Achieving Mammoth Returns from the Largest Social Media Network

Six Tips for Facebook Marketing Success

Gaining trust and word-of-mouth marketing from the family and friends of existing clientele could be just a post away – with the right real estate selling tips for Facebook marketing success. How can you achieve the positive attention that will earn you a spot with the “in-crowd?”

The steps to attaining Facebook marketing success are simpler than you think:

1. Be professional.
Specifically, don’t use your personal page. It lacks professionalism – and more importantly, you’ll miss out on business features like contests and insight-checking capabilities.

2. Strut your stuff.
Show off your listings’ neighborhood, posting local events (venues being built, festivals, employment opportunities, and more…), expressing their benefit to the community and sharing your passion and knowledge for the area where you sell homes.

3. Show and tell.
Use images and videos when you update, which are among the most popular and engaging forms of Facebook content. The more likes, shares, and comments your posts get, the more exposure you can achieve.

4. Celebrate milestones.
Post subtle, visually appealing welcome messages (that do not mention names) such as a key or welcome mat snapshot to celebrate a new homeowner’s “possession day.” Your clients will know who they are and that you genuinely care enough to follow up.

5. Get competitive.
Contests and sweepstakes are a great way to get to know your clients’ likes and dislikes a little better and deepen relationships. Third party apps like Wishpond (required to run them on FB) simplify the process.

6. Use the golden rule.
You can use Facebook to post your listings too, just remember to keep it 80/20: 80% content and lifestyle topics, 20% agent and product topics (like listings). This will ensure a social, engaging page.

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