Spam Harvesters Are On Your Website!

“If it were possible to redirect the time and effort poured into antispam and antimalware code over the last 10 years, we’d already have colonies on Mars and probably a new form of renewable energy.”  (InfoWorld).

We have to agree! Spam now accounts for between 95-98 percent of all email and is not going away anytime soon. The main issue is that current solutions focus not on eliminating spam altogether, but on preventing it from getting into our inboxes. But this causes many legitimate emails to get buried in the spam folder, and also does not solve the issue of spam floating out there on the Internet, consuming bandwidth and resources.

We have recently installed a program called Honey Pot, which works to blacklist spam harvesters. We have been able to report hundreds of suspicious IPs to be blacklisted. While doing this we were SHOCKED at the number of suspicious bots out there crawling our websites.

We have become more aware than ever of the importance of protecting ourselves against spam. Never, ever just put your email address on the Internet, unless you’re willing to deal with an overwhelming amount of spam. If you need to place your email address online, you can either use a graphic that spam bots cannot read, or break the address so that it cannot be harvested by the bots. So, instead of you should type me (at) mydomain (dot) com.

Of course, as we said above, any measures we take to protect against spam are costly and limited. For each IP we report, another one will pop out in its place. The real solution needs to come from IT companies. SOMEONE needs to find a way to kill spam before it is ever sent out. Just imagine how much faster and more efficient the Internet will be without spam!

Real Estate Websites: Choosing the Best Keywords

You probably already know that having a real estate website is a necessity rather than a luxury. We simply can’t imagine not having a website these days! Any business that doesn’t have a website seems dated and unprofessional – and this is true for the business of real estate too.

But having a website is not enough. Your realtor website should be optimized for search engines, to make it easier for prospects to find you. While the vast majority of clients still find their realtor via referrals from friends, a growing number of people start their search for a home online, typing certain keywords into the search engine search box. If their search results include your real estate site, and if your site is professional and filled with relevant information, they just might contact you and turn into leads, and maybe clients.

That’s why it’s important to choose a few main keywords for your site, and to optimize your site for those keywords. Optimizing means that ideally, your main keyword should appear in your realtor website URL, in your site’s title tags, and sprinkled generously into your website copy. Don’t overdo it though! Just write naturally, as you would write for a human reader. Writing for search engine bots is never a good idea.

For example, if you specialize in San Francisco real estate, a wonderful URL for your site would be (keep in mind that the best URLs are already taken, so you might need to compromise); your homepage’s title tag should say something like “San Francisco Real Estate | San Francisco Homes For Sale | Your Name” and your website copy should include these keywords too.

Optimizing your real estate website for search engines is pretty straightforward. Take the time to learn the basics of search engine optimization and do it. It could bring you clients down the road and will certainly help you to establish yourself as an expert in your area.

Why You Need a Mobile Website

Why Do You Need a Mobile Website? The short answer: Because more and more people are accessing the Web via their mobile devices, and your desktop Website is likely not providing them with a very good user experience.

Why Do You Need a Mobile Website? The short answer: Because more and more people are accessing the Web via their mobile devices, and your desktop Website is likely not providing them with a very good user experience.

What is Mobile Web?

The Mobile Web is defined as the use of Internet-connected applications, or browser-based access to the Internet from a mobile device such as a smartphone, connected to a wireless network. In plain English, it means accessing everything that the Internet has to offer anywhere, anytime, from your smartphone.

Mobile is Hot

Not that long ago, people used to access the Internet through their PC or laptop, from home. But current research shows that this is changing fast. Mobile is a hot trend, and in fact, it’s more than a trend – it looks as if it is the next generation of Internet usage.

Mobile Access to Traditional Sites

As more and more Internet users expect to get the information they need using their mobile device, you as an agent and as a website owner should start paying attention to how your site looks in a mobile device. Your desktop website probably doesn’t look very good when accessed from a mobile device. If you want to make mobile user experience better, you have a few options.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

You can hire a software developer to make a few coding changes to your site that will  make it more mobile-friendly. The advantage to taking this route is that you keep everything in one place but make access to your site easy to both desktop and mobile users.

Develop a Mobile Site

More and more companies are offering their services as developers of mobile sites. In fact, the .mobi top level domain was launched specifically for the mobile Internet and is used to make sure sites comply with mobile web standards to ensure visitors a consistent and optimized experience on their mobile device.

Develop a Mobile App

The same developer who can  build you a mobile site, or make your desktop site more mobile friendly, can also build you a mobile app. Mobile Applications enable users of mobile devices to access the Internet directly through the application, without accessing a browser first. Since apps are built for mobile devices, they ensure an optimal Internet experience for mobile Web users.

If you consider going this route, remember that data shows that apps with practical use work best at long term, continued usage. So while a “cool” or “fun” aspect is great, the most important thing is to come up with an app that adds value to home buyers and home sellers. includes a free mobile version with every standard website! Check it out from  your iphone at

New Blog Flyer

Looking for an easy way to promote your listings on your blog? Check out our new eflyer that allows you to post your listing eflyers on your blog. Works great for activerain users also. You can also posts these flyers on craigslist, ebay or where ever html is allowed.

Sensational Home Store Presents…
Gourmet KitchenOpen Breakfast Nook
Welcome Home!
2210 Cummings Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

  Price  :  $ 699,000
  Type  :  Single Family
  Beds  :  2
  Baths  :  3 Baths (2 F, 1 H)
  Size  :  1600 square feet
  Lot  :  11567 square feet

Open Houses
12/18/2010 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
12/19/2010 12:00 PM – 3:30 PM
 » Beautiful Custom Home in Prestigious Neighborhood!
 » Brazilian Hard Wood Cherry Floors, Crown Molding Throughout, Stainless Steel Appliances and more!
 » Amazing Views of City and Mountains, Room for Pool
 » Custom Wine Celler Room with Entertaining Bar
 » A Must See!! Too many features to list!!
This is a sample of our Listing Domain Product – Single Listing Websites. Only $60 – includes custom sign rider! Charming 1926 California Bungelow. Home has been nicely restored. This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home has retained much of it’s Old World beauty but updated to suit today’s lifestyles. Lot’s of original fixtures, hardwood, built-in cabinates, claw-foot tub, & fireplace in living room. Private garden with beautiful roses and patio. Must see! Built-in BBQ complimented by picnic area with built-in wood bench and patio dining area. Beautiful summer/winter home or enjoy year-round country living! Call today for information package with GIS Satellite images and color photos.

Contact Information
Kim Agent

Kim Agent
(800) 826-5123
(707) 206-7693 (Local)
Properties Online
Properties Online
1820 Empire Industrial Ct
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
DRE # Can Go Here.
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Must have iphone App for Agents

I’m not a big Apple computer guy, but I love my iPhone.  I’m from the school that says you don’t need a bunch of technology to be tech savvy in real estate.  But you do need a couple of key pieces of tech to be on the team and an iPhone is one of them.  I’m probably going to get a bunch of flack from Droid and BlackBerry users for that and admittedly the bear minimum is some sort of Smartphone.  But the truth is that the iPhone is a game-changing piece of technology for people in real estate.  And it’s not just the vast quantity of apps that are available but the quality and functionality of those apps.

For example: there is an app called Zosh that allows you to fill-in pdf forms.  Say you get an email with an attached pdf of a form that you need to fill out and send back to your transaction coordinator or broker to complete your file.  You know; that 1-page transaction profile form for all the vital info about your deal, the “get-paid” form as my colleague Leslie in Lake County likes to put it.  Now traditionally you would print this, fill it out, and then hand it or even fax it in.  If you were a real techie, you would figure out a way to fill it out on your computer and email it back, which would probably cost you a pretty penny on either some software or a tablet.  With Zosh you can fill it out, email it back, and even sign it if you so needed right from your iPhone.

There are a couple of hitches but they aren’t big ones from what I’ve found so far.  For one, it costs $3 but what’s that, we folks in real estate blow $3 pulling out of the driveway.  For the other, the interface is easy once you get use to it but it might become a little tedious if the form is really long.  One nice little feature it has, however,  is a “shortcuts” button where you will find info that you have typed before so you can just select and insert it into the document rather then retyping the whole thing.  A definite timesaver on forms you fill out regularly like all those “get-paid” forms for the escrows you’ll be closing because your technology has opened up more time for you to put more deals together.