Enhance Your Property Site with Music, Audio and Video

Your single property website should be as rich in information as possible. It should also be fun and entertaining. Once visitors land on your website, you want them to stay! The last thing you want is for potential buyers to quickly click away because your site does not appeal to them.

There are several ways to make your property site more interactive and fun for your visitors. We have included all of them in our Listing Domains single property websites.

Add Music to Your Site

Music can help set the stage and invoke an emotional response from potential buyers. Choose from a large selection of music loops. Since some internet users prefer silent browsing, we always give them the option to silence the music.

Add Video to Your Site

Video adds depth and interest to a website and makes it far more interesting and interactive than a text-only website. Now you can embed video directly into your Listing Website. You can include many types of videos, including YouTube video, Google Video, TurnHere Video, WellcomeMat Video and more.

Add Audio to Your Site

An audio message makes visitors feel welcome and turns internet browsing into a more personal experience. You can add an audio message to each and every property website. Use audio messages to direct your prospects to important features of the property and invite them to stop by your open house. All you need is a microphone – our program does the rest.

Single Property Websites: The Importance of a Custom Domain Name

When you create a Listing Domains single property website, your website will have its very own property address domain name.

For example, if the listing’s address is 425 Maple Avenue, the domain name will be www.425MapleAve.com

Having a custom domain name for your single property website has several important benefits. First of all, it is important in terms of search engine optimization, because you want people who look for details on this particular property to find your website.

Ideally you want your website to be the first search engine result for the listing’s address – and a property website with a custom domain name increases the likelihood that this will be the case.

In addition, having an entire website dedicated to their listings, including a custom domain name, makes clients VERY happy. It shows dedication, professionalism and knowledge about the latest tools in real estate marketing.

Buyers too are impressed by property websites with custom domains, for similar reasons – it gives them all the info they need in one place, and it demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail.

A property website with a custom domain name will make your listing stand out in the crowd. Make sure you take advantage of this valuable feature.

New Meta Tag Builder from ListingDomains.com

We just released a new meta tag builder which will give our users better control over their meta tags. We will still use default tags for all new websites, but now agents and brokers can modify their meta tag title, keywords and descriptions. They can also add custom meta tags and validators. This new feature will give our users greater control over how search engines view and index their property websites.

Another cool addition is our Google Analytic plug-in. Real Estate Site users have long enjoyed this feature but now Listing Domains users can add their Google Analytic UA # and track all of their website stats from one Google Analytic account. Our built in website statistics are great for tracking visitors and referrals, but Google Analytics goes much deeper. With Google, you can see where your visitors are located around the globe, what keywords they are using to find your site, and much much more.

Google Analytic Tutorial

Create a Free Demo Property Site

Building a website for your prospects’ properties is a simple and extremely useful way to win listings. When you inform sellers that 90% of homebuyers are using the internet to find properties, and that you are savvy enough to use the internet as part of your real estate marketing plan, they are always impressed.

Sellers tend to be even more impressed when you tell them that you are going to create a website dedicated entirely to selling their home.

We know the effect a property website has on sellers, and we want you to impress them and secure the listing. That’s why we enable you to create FREE demo listing websites to email to prospects or to show at your listing presentations. You can upload unlimited photos and documents to these demo websites, add music, a voice over, video and more.

Once you get the listing, you can purchase the website, choose your custom domain name and order your sign rider.

Our demo sites have all the features of our real property websites. In addition to being a great tool for impressing prospects and securing listings, they are also a great way to test out our user friendly interface.

Visit Listing Domains today to create your free demo property website.