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How to Use Video as a Real Estate Marketing Tool

It’s 2017, and video use in real estate marketing has not only arrived, it’s quickly becoming THE marketing tool necessary to remain competitive. According to Inman, 85% of buyers and sellers want an agent who uses video – and those homes with listing videos get 4-times the inquiries as their ho-hum counterparts. So why are you sticking your head in the sand like a giant ostrich instead of taking that first step?

Video Is Where the Action Is
Today, Facebook and YouTube are competing for world video domination, and live-streaming video is popular on a wide array of social platforms. HD-quality videos are possible from your smartphone, and professional or “pro-sumer” equipment is just a fraction of the cost it was just a few years ago.

Getting In On the Action
The first step to video marketing is deceptively simple: Make one. Keep it simple, using only your smarthphone. You’ll probably hate hearing/seeing yourself on-screen and frown at footage, but it is these criticisms that will get you on your way to collecting the data necessary to make better videos.

Can I Get-By with a Smartphone?
Yes. With an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, and a few inexpensive items, including a tripod, a camera rig, and microphones, you can create professional HD-quality videos. That’s it.

I’ve Got All This Footage – Now What?
Don’t break out in cold sweats – no video editing is required – really. Grab a margarita, and upload your content and information to the Virtuets listing video builder tool for the fast and easy creation of your video in just minutes. Free with Listings Unlimited, and available at a monthly subscription or per video price, just sit back and sip while your video is being created. Then upload it to social media (or take advantage of our social tool) for sharing.

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Tips for Putting Together Marketing Videos

Top Marketing Videos to Do For Every Listing

Video usage in real estate marketing is exploding, and surprisingly enough to many agents, it involves more than listing videos. Are you missing out on the benefits that these essential real estate marketing videos can deliver?

Look Beyond Listing Videos to these Prime Video Marketing Solutions:

  • Informational Videos
    Provide value to buyers and sellers alike with short, educational videos on common real estate topics and questions (and lighten your to-do load).
  • Agent/Office Promotional Videos
    What makes you/your office stand out? From awards to finding foreclosures for flipping, tout it in a short promo.
  • Interview Videos
    Generate new leads by interviewing past clients on their first-person experience working with you. Interviews with respected figures in the community, as well as colleagues in the industry (lenders, inspectors, attorneys) will boost your video marketing currency.
  • Profile Videos
    Help potential sellers and buyers better understand what you have to offer with a brief “about me” video, highlighting your family, hobbies, successes, and even funny stories or anecdotes.
  • Neighborhood & Community Videos
    Capture special community events like annual festivals and parades, hone-in on area amenities, shopping and dining hotspots, beautiful scenery and more with a short, informational video to offer a deep and unique community perspective.
  • Local Business Reviews
    Area restaurant, retail store, or business win an award, or simply have a strong community following? Feature these shining venues.
  • Client Testimonials
    Quick, short videos of happy, satisfied clients are among the best video currency.
  • How-To Videos
    Provide potential customers with information on everything from how sellers should prep their home for showings, to how buyers can speed up the perusal process.

Extend Your Reach
Don’t just post these videos on your site, email them as part of your promotional marketing collateral, and more importantly, share them via social networking!

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Video Arrives in the Real Estate Marketplace

Are you ready for real estate selling tips that teach you how to sell a home without you – or the buyer – ever setting foot in it? (Don’t) fasten your seatbelts. Instead of dropping everything and rushing off for on-site viewing, buyers are now relying solely on property videos in their decision to purchase a home without ever setting a foot in the door. And far from unusual, realtors expect this number to grow.

Taking the Blinders Off
A 2016 survey by the NAR revealed 95% of today’s buyers search for homes online, compared to just 2% in 1995 – and 72% of today’s buyers now use a mobile device to peruse. Now a remote business, all initial searches are done online. Shocking to some, but one-fifth of buyers aren’t visiting homes before purchase, and 19% of 2016 buyers made a bid sight-unseen – nearly twice that in the high-end market.

Vital for Buyers, and Gives Sellers Greater Reach
High-quality videos that give the impression of walking from room to room inside and outside the property and surrounding areas, show people the lifestyle available in the same manner a live walk-thru would – but without the stress. Essential for builders who may not have an unsold home to show; fantastic for families who experience the difficulties of scheduling and cleaning for walk-throughs; and a godsend for potential buyers and agents, worn out by needless driving and time-consuming showings. Video is king!

The Wave of the Future
Surpassing the expectations of sellers and encouraging buyers to spend more time on your site, videos foster a feeling of commitment to your site and brand, creating a psychological attachment that results in a trusting relationship. Are you ready to trust video with your future? Discover the real estate selling tips that will help you open the door to the difference video can make in your business.

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What to Expect in 2017!

Do Real Estate Videos Offer More than Video Showcase Tours? Pros and Cons.

Do neighboring agents joining the 3-D video showcase brigade have you peeking over the fence? In this week’s real estate selling tips we’ll uncover why tried-and-true video is the way to go for showcasing your properties.

No Need to Keep Up with the Jones’s – Great Listing Videos Outperform in Every Way…

  • Setting the right mood.
    The dead, eerie silence of 3-D tours can set the wrong mood. The music of real estate videos better allows you to set the tone of the tour, portraying just the right image for the lifestyle you’re looking to attract.
  • Adding feel and purpose.
    Real estate video voice-overs let you point out features that may go overlooked, providing the personal feeling of a live walk-through – without the stress. Love the spotlight? Step in-front of the camera and flaunt your personality and expertise.
  • Offering timely information.
    Video won’t test the attention span of buyers with a choppy, time-consuming tour experience. The constant stop-and-go feel of 3-D tours, with its confusing and frustrating movement issues, suck-up the time of viewers. A fluid and well-planned video walk-through, however, preserves patience, deftly giving viewers a thorough tour in just 2-3 minutes.
  • Creating a more complete feel of space.
    Going from incomplete, interior-only views to extensive inside and out coverage, including drone shots and neighborhood amenities.
  • Returning your investment.
    With far more affordable and effective bang for your back than pricey 3-D camera tech.

Wish You Had the Time for ANY Kind of Video? Now You Do!
Forget about slaving away for hours or those lackluster slide show wizards. With Properties Online’s latest video builder addition, you can now create a video in just minutes, with all the bells, whistles, and customizations you need to build your brand and your business.

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Use of Drones is Growing Outside of Luxury Real Estate Categories

Think drone technology is only worth it for McMansions? Think again. In today’s dog-eat-dog cyberworld of listings – it’s hard to stand out from the pack. Drop-in drone technology is topping the list of real estate selling tips that give you the edge you need to produce those sky-high sales numbers that you’ve been lusting after.

Fly It & Buy It
High-quality video and photography offer an amazing return-on-investment, differentiating property listings with dramatic photography for MLS photos and video listings. And it’s applicable to more than multi-million dollar homes.

Bring Property Advantages to Life with Drone Technology:

  • Fly from the driveway to the front door for a walkup.
  • Give a 360-degree fly-by of home exteriors.
  • Offer potential buyers a better idea of views, property landscape, and footprint.
  • Create a flowing, whole-house motion tour in HD.

Ready, Aim, Fire!
The latest and best real estate technology, using drone photography as your real estate marketing weapon of choice can really help you narrow-in on your target audience. And it can be added to your arsenal for as little as $1,000 (and FAA flight training), or farmed out to a drone photographer, then used to create compelling, professional-quality videos that far surpass ground-based shots.

Action-Packed Footage – In Minutes
Paired with Properties Online’s newest video builder, drone and ground-based footage can be assembled in minutes into a stunning video that will knock the socks of clients, and earn you those much-needed referrals with very little time investment. Our latest software:

  • Automatically adds captions, voice-overs, listing data and agent information.
  • Goes beyond default options to offer customization for color, design, content, logos, Spanish translations, and IDX-compliant versions for listings.
  • Automatically syndicates to YouTube, and provides an easy way for social sharing.

Prepare yourself for upward mobility with these and other real estate selling tips from Properties Online. Contact us and discover how to reach new heights today.