Each Property Should Be Shown in its Best Light!

Each Property Should Have Its Own Video Are You Ready?

Video usage in real estate marketing isn’t up-and-coming – it has arrived. And if you aren’t on the bandwagon, your career may fall by the wayside. Now part-and-parcel of proper marketing protocol, if your property listings are lacking videos, you’re losing out on leads.

Videos Make Your Clients Happy
Listing videos get more views and engagement than their purely print counterparts. It’s a fact. To ensure success and prevent clients from second-guessing placing their home sale in your hands, you should want to use them as a regular part of your listing services.

Online is Where All Initial Showings Happen . . .
And video capitalizes on this, making quality photo and video content key to making each listing appear so desirable potential buyers feel pushed to look at it before it’s snagged. Here, lackluster effort can lose potential showings and damage your brand.

You must set the mood to create that ‘gotta have it’ vibe with stunning imagery of greenspace, views, newly-renovated kitchens and baths, maximized closet storage, superior neighborhoods, schools, and more.

Video Helps You Leverage ‘Spin-off’ Business
Social posts and sharing boost your brand and your listings gain marketing exposure without looking pushy, making video a great referral marketing tool.

You Can Create Stunning Listing Videos in Just Minutes!
Create short, HD-quality property videos from the same listing photos you use in the MLS in just minutes. Free with the Properties Online family of products, let Virtuets lend you a helping hand from production to syndication and sharing:

  • Automatically add captions/voice to match listing data.
  • Add intro clips, logo bumpers, photo/logo calls to action, music, background designs, and other custom combinations.
  • Automatically syndicate to YouTube.
  • Include a non-branded, IDX-compliant version.
  • And more!

Reduce the time you spend running from property to property for showings with the help of video usage in real estate marketing. Learn more about Virtuets fast and easy video builder from Properties Online today.

Promotional Videos Can Go a Long Way to Boost Business!

How to Create Your Own First Personal Promotion Video

Fill your website and online marketing venues with content that drives customers to your door with video usage in real estate marketing. A fast and effective way to make those emotional connections that cinch sales, personal promotional videos are a terrific way to break into video, showing potential clients why you rise above the competition.

Camera-Shy? Don’t Sweat It
You can be the star of the show with only a minor appearance, and here’s how:

Jot-down a quick story-board or outline
Expect to pop-up near the beginning, in a few quick shots throughout, and again at the end. Plan for your video to be 2-3 minutes (no longer). A lot can be said in a short-time with a well-planned video. Use these tips:

Look elsewhere
A person talking to the camera for 2 minutes is rarely engaging. Showcase your market (sights, neighborhoods, homes), giving insight into the values that set you apart from competitors and describing your ideal client. Be authentic – if you’re funny (or driven), let your personality shine.

Take a unique approach:

  • Start with a question or observation about your marketplace, such as why your clients love to call this area ‘home.’ Then introduce yourself after you’ve engaged the viewer with interesting/beautiful imagery.
  • Open with a montage of client testimonials, “I’m Jane Agent with Realty 101, and happy clients are what I love the most about my real estate business.”

Take great shots
No selfies please! Poor imagery deters potential clients and showings – hire help if you have to!

Call it!
Include a quick call-to-action at the end with a ‘thanks for watching,’ and you’re all set.

Make it Super Simple
Input your content into our new, fully-customizable video builder tool, free with any Properties Online product, cranking-out and syndicating high-quality video content in just minutes, and boosting the likelihood of page 1 Google rankings with video usage in real estate marketing. Discover more from Properties Online today.

Where Exactly Should You Place Your New Real Estate Videos?

Video usage in real estate marketing can be tricky. Bark up the wrong marketing tree, and all your time and effort could go up in smoke. So where exactly should you place your video so all that work turns into hot leads – and not a hot bin of digital bits?

  1. YouTube
    The second largest search engine in the world has more than 1 billion unique users visit the site each month, spending more than 4 billion hours perusing video. A subsidiary of Google, YouTube videos rise to the top in 55% of Google’s top ten search results. Bonus: You can also set up your YouTube account to autoshare, linking videos directly to Google+, Twitter, and more.
  2. Facebook
    Facebook often delivers more views than YouTube, making it a great place to list. So, should you skip YouTube then? Not at all. YouTube is still essential to search engine optimization (SEO) and getting your video ranked in Internet search results, such as Google. Also, it’s far easier to embed and disperse your video content from the YouTube site.
  3. Your Site
    Always embed your YouTube videos on your real estate website. Doing so will boost YouTube views.
  4. The Recycle Bin
    Not the literal recycle bin, but your online content recycle bin – via the creation of ‘evergreen’ content: Content that will remain relevant for at least 2 years. Examples of evergreen real estate video content include neighborhood reviews, how to stage a home for sale, client testimonials, and other topics, which unlike listing videos, will not become irrelevant the minute a house sells.
  5. Your Schedule
    Plan on creating one video per week, adding this must-have to your schedule book to ensure future marketing success.

Video will account for 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019. Don’t fall down on the job. Put video usage in real estate marketing to work for you with the help of Properties Online today.

Tips for Promoting Your Real Estate Videos

New to video use in real estate marketing? We’ve got the tips and tricks to get you up and running fast. Make the most of your energy and investment with this no-fail video marketing plan for the experienced and uninitiated alike.

Step 1: Do NOT Pass Go: Go Directly to YouTube
The second largest search engine in the world and a subsidiary of Google, the largest search engine in the world, hosting your videos on a YouTube channel can propel you to the top 55% of Google’s top ten search results. YouTube is a veritable search engine optimization (SEO) goldmine. From here, you can set up your account to autoshare to other social media arenas. Leading us to…

Step 2: Be Social
Sharing your listings increases exposure, with some social media venues, such as Facebook, delivering even more potential customer views than YouTube. Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more only increase your marketing potential. Pin status updates of your top-performing videos to the top of your social accounts, or splice videos into 30 second clips and extend your marketing efforts.

Step 3: Don’t Overlook the Tried & True
Don’t let email and web opportunities fall by the wayside. Outside of YouTube, your website should be the premier place you host your videos, and is an excellent avenue for reaching your market niche, showcasing your personality and expertise.

The key to reaching your target audience is proper search engine optimization that gives today’s mobile generation fast access to your product. Add videos to your blog, featuring listings and advice throughout. Don’t forget to include video links (and a photo) to landing pages in your direct email marketing – it’s a powerful tool for accomplishing direct, personal communication with clients and leads.

Ready to put video use in real estate marketing to work for you? Create a video marketing arsenal in a flash with the help of Properties Online today.

Tips for Optimizing for Local Searches

Tips on Optimizing Your Real Estate Video for Local Searches

Video usage in real estate marketing can sometimes seem tricky – especially when it comes to optimizing your latest creation to gain viable, local leads.

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is key to those top Google rankings everyone covets. You use it every day – keying in your search dujour to magically populate information. But there’s a method to this informational insanity…

Rising to the Top
To get your video in front of the right eyes, you’ll need the right recipe for success:

  1. A relationship with YouTube.
    The #2 search engine after (and owned by) Google, YouTube offers reliable – and highly visible – video hosting. Listing videos here weights in page rankings, which are seamlessly integrated into Google search results, and can integrate with your G+ account.
  2. A killer title.
    Your chosen title should be relevant, stand out, and entice, with strong adjectives, catchy phrases or interesting questions… ‘Breathtaking Farmland’… or… ‘A Little Slice of Heaven’… with the property address. Not that creative? A traditional listing name will get the job done: ‘123 Any Street, Roy’s Real Estate, Detroit.’
  3. A geotag that’s going places.
    To coordinate your video with your business’ location.
  4. The right digits.
    Make sure your NAP (name, address, phone number, and site link) are in the video description – AND THE CONTENT – so you can be easily contacted.
  5. Deep embedding.
    Embedding videos onto your website will help get the videos more views. Results are weighed heavier on pages with text – so add an intro before or put the transcript on the page after the video.
  6. A sharing heart.
    Promote and share your video on every possible social media outlet, using the correct social sharing links for each platform for best viewing and to create a ripple-effect of sharing.

Don’t let video usage in real estate marketing fall short. Set yourself up for success with the help of Properties Online today.