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Tips on What to Include in Your Real Estate Agent Website Privacy Policy

Who’d have thought real estate agent marketing would be fraught with such peril? Post-Facebook election snafu, privacy policy updates are bombarding customer emails nationwide. Aside from thanking Mr. Zuckerberg for adding to your endless to-do list, you must also ensure the compliancy of your agent website with an updated policy.

What Should You Include in Your Updated Agent Website Privacy Policy?

In real estate agent marketing, in light of recent events, it’s imperative that your privacy policy be easy to read and understand, including the following general facets:

– A general introduction noting how strongly you value and respect client privacy and safeguard data.

– A listing of the information you will collect, including:
Personal information provided by the client
Registration information
Email/phone information
Website use information (cookies)

– A section on how you will use client information (marketing, promotion, payment processing, to improve content/services, etc.)

– What information, if any, you share with third parties

– A section disassociating your business from websites linked to yours

– How you will protect information (physical/electronic/managerial measures)

– It’s also useful to provide clients a sort of technical dictionary post-policy. Information that defines cookies, dynamic ads, retargeting, etc.

– Opt-in/out procedures

– How you’ll handle privacy policy changes (email, post-to-site)

– Consent for use of website (that lovely box everyone has to check)

I’m No Shakespeare – Where Can I Find a Good Example?

A great example of a privacy policy that includes this information can be found here. Or if you prefer an easier approach, check out this free privacy policy tool. With about 15-minutes, give or take a few questions, you can ensure an understandable policy that safeguards you against liability, and adheres to most state/federal privacy laws and third party initiatives.

Changing Internet privacy policy laws have you ducking your head? Properties Online has your back with the latest real estate agent marketing tools and tips.

Why You Need an Agent Website

An agent website is one of the best tools available to you for establishing yourself as a real estate expert.

An agent website is one of the best tools available to you for establishing yourself as a real estate expert.

Think about it: as more and more people are starting their search for a home online, and as more and more people expect professionals to have a web presence, you simply can’t afford NOT to have a website.

If you don’t have a website, or if you have a poorly designed agent site, many potential clients will immediately dismiss you as “not serious,” “unprofessional” or as a non-savvy realtor.

In fact, this is true for any small business these days. Regardless of how small a business is, it should have a website if it is to be taken seriously by customers.

The good news: creating a website today is much easier, and certainly more affordable, than it used to be just a decade ago. Reputable real estate website providers such as Properties Online enable you to create a professionally designed, affordable agent website with all the tools you need in today’s technology driven market, including SEO tools, social media tools and more.

Think about your real estate site as your digital business card, or your online portfolio. An agent site provides you with an excellent way to prove to prospects that you are everything they’ve been looking for in an agent – that you are savvy, experienced, knowledgeable, and not afraid of leveraging technology as a marketing tool.